Opinion: Does the Vita cast too wide a net?

You can't blame industry-watchers for wondering about the future for traditional handheld gaming, given how strong a showing mobile phones and tablets continue to make in the space.

Even as recently as the last generation of portable hardware, few would have believed that a cell phone could compete with Nintendo's original DS and Sony's PSP -- let alone that the seismic restructuring of the portable hardware market could strike so immediately.

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fluffydelusions4507d ago

Tech wise it's a very good deal unless you can name another quad core cpu/gpu device with hw buttons, dual analog and so on....

Virtual_Reality4506d ago

And with a price no more than $300.

4506d ago
GribbleGrunger4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )

now that's an interesting question. i think that part of the problem they had with the PS3; they just didn't know which feature to advertise because it could do so much. the same could be said for the Vita... so, yep, an interesting angle in an article for a change. i've got a feeling though that THIS time they'll concentrate on games and connectivity between the PS3 and the Vita. it isn't a bad way of advertising both machines with one advert either

NeloAnjelo4507d ago

I love the thing, and think its an amazing bit of hardware. The software line up is good as well.

Knight_Cid4507d ago

"You can't blame industry-watchers for wondering about the future for traditional handheld gaming, given how strong a showing mobile phones and tablets continue to make in the space. "

sure I can. When the 3ds is breaking all records

AtomicGerbil4506d ago

Alright, we get it, the damn thing doesn't do anything right!

Can't convince me not to get one though.

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Final Fantasy 9 Remake Wish List

With its existence looking more and more likely, there are several points the Final Fantasy 9 remake should hit to ensure it was worth the wait.

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shinoff21835h ago

Nah. Ff9 was a better game that many slept on when it released. Ff8 was a good one to, I hated the level scaling though. Still up there in the top 5 though. They sure don't make them like they used to unfortunately

Miraak82 1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

FF9 just represents the best of the series , I really hope it gets like the Link Awakening/Super Mario RPG treatment . FF8 on the other hand would need a complete overhaul from the combat to the story telling (because the story was really silly) , I remember hardly ever using magic as it was basically losing stats every time you used them especially the rarer junctions , the combat was basically attack, limit breaks, summoning and 80% of the time drawing magic . Only thing 8 had better was its card game .

Terry_B8h ago

Make it an actual remake of the game and not a reboot of the first hours of the game just to release the next hours some years later and nothing of it feels like FF9 actually aside from the same characters and locations used.

solideagle7h ago

I just hope they don't divide into trilogy please...Full game from start to finish? Maybe in 2 parts maximum?

andy857h ago

Seems like this is just one game thankfully and not on the scale of FF7

solideagle7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

Thank you for your reply! that's awesome news. I wish it was VIII first as I like 8 more than 9...

Lolyta2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

I thought FF8 was the superior game to get a remake treatment ? whoever that shareholder that forced SE to make FF9 Remake he must've spent a lot of budget backing this to happen , pretty strange shift from 7 to 9 but hey .. FF8 was a much deserving to be remade since the story needs expansion between Squall and Laguna and it left on a cliffhanger note

343_Guilty_Spark31m ago

8 is a fantastic game but it’s no 9


Xbox's Matt Booty implies Tango Gameworks closure was partly due to leadership change

Eurogamer: "Xbox's Matt Booty has spoken more on the closure of Tango Gameworks earlier this year."

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The Wood2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I call BS on this. All metrics were met apparently or was that another lie. There's something deeper happening within xbox's management

GamerRN1d 23h ago

You have an inside scoop? Well don't hold back, share with us your knowledge!

AsimLionheart1d 20h ago

He is referring to this tweet by Greenberg which Spencer retweeted.


Wood is arguing that MS was either lying then when they claimed the game was a success or they are lying now by giving excuses for shutting down the studio.

The Wood1d 19h ago

What part irks you sir? My opinion that xbox has a management problem or stating xbox heads said metrics were met and the game was a success. They closed the studio that released one of xbox's most successful new ips in a very long time. There's a lie somewhere don't you think or are you the eyes wide shut type

StormSnooper1d 16h ago

I think we all have an inside scoop at this point. MS has lied so often that we all know what to expect from them.