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"Yes, SSX is back, and the demo screams out it’s awesomeness. The tutorial has you falling towards the snowy mountains of doom below. Here, you will learn the basics of how SSX controls.From flips, to nosegrabs, to flying squirrel. (these are tricks by the way) The use of the right stick and the face buttons are you’re main point of interest to perform tricks. If you have played the previous SSX games, then you will know what will happen."

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SuperBeast8113366d ago

It is sooooooooooo AWSOME I LOVE the classic control for ssx vets like me however I find myself hitting the rewind button on accident all the time lol

finbars753366d ago

I agree 100% the game caters to the old school gamers to ssx which is awsome but hitting that dam L1 screws me up lol.Sometimes its for the better but not always.Cant wait until next tuesday.Great demo good job on EA.

LoLZoRz3366d ago

Demo is so AWESOME!!

this game fun as fuck.

Khordchange3366d ago

its tri to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme thats right on time its tricky!

MmaFan-Qc3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

"tricky! tricky! tricky! tricky!"

Fadetoblack693366d ago

Keep the reviews coming please!

Haven't bought a PS3 yet but as soon as I heard this was coming I was planning on it. I was nervous about them bringing this back but so far it's sounding good.

MySwordIsHeavenly3366d ago

I absolutely love it! They made the courses in a way that allows you to fall MUCH less than you used to. I love that the TRICKY system is back. I personally think it was perfected in SSX 3, but I'm ok with them trying to get the SSX Tricky fans back.

The soundtrack is phenomenal, as usual. Snowboarding has its own culture and they nailed it on this one.

The only problem(s) I had were that the tutorial still uses the new button layout even after you switch to the classic style AND pressing "O" makes me rewind unintentionally all the time. I love rewind, but put it on like R3 or something that is rarely used.

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The story is too old to be commented.