Prototype 2 Preview: Shape-shifting has never been this fun, gross (

Remember Prototype? It was that superhero game that came out around the same time as inFamous back in 2009. For some reason, a lot of you chose to side with either one or the other, in an attempt to swear your allegiance to only one open-world superhero game. Either way, whether you loved it or hated it, you should keep your eyes peeled for Prototype 2; it just might grab a hold of you with its bloody, pulsating tentacles.

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RXL3363d ago

can't wait for this game...

i was one of the ones (does that make sense?) who actually had a blast playing the first Prototype.

The story telling aspect could've used work...but it was fun to run up the side of buildings...glide for a few blocks then come smashing down like a hammer on a poor unsuspecting civilians head..

over..and over..and over..

hopefully this one fixes the problems the first one had..