Animals dress up as their favorite video-game characters

Bitmob Staff Writer, Photoshopper Extraordinaire, and King of Awesome Samir Torres: Dressing up as your favorite fictional characters can be fun (or so I'm told), but furries creep the shit out of me. Animals cosplaying as human video-game personalities, on the other hand, is cute and hilarious. Enjoy the freak show.

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THR1LLHOUSE3374d ago

This is amazing. That first image alone is worth what little effort it took to click this link.

3374d ago
NagaSotuva3374d ago

Those raccoons are up to no good. Don't trust them.

idontgetit3374d ago

What a warped mind. But sexy Bison! Hahaha.

Relientk773373d ago

I liked the bison one, it made me chuckle