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Many people will tell you that Asura's Wrath is unlike anything you've seen before, which is interesting because its components can all be compared to things we've seen for years. Elements of Dragon's Lair, Heavy Rain, God of War and even Space Invaders make up this Frankenstein's monster, with a sampling of every major anime to give the story that familiar flavor.

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Bigpappy3374d ago

I don't think Destructoid likes this game.

fei-hung3374d ago

Nor did I.

For a £45 game, there is a lot missing. The graphics for starters are pretty weak.

I understand it has huge bosses (planet size even), but the enviroment is so bland and empty. The textures are flat and the enemies are generic unless it is a boss.

I was hoping the game would play more like Devil May Cry, God Hand or Bayonetta but it plays nothing like it. As the developers said in an interview, the enemies do not have a health bar. It is all about you building up ure rage meter and then blowing them to high heaven (or hell). So whether you time the QTE badly or miss them all together makes hardly any difference.

My dream was this would have been a GoW style game but in a crazy anime style. They got the crazy anime style, but for me, they dropped the ball on the presentation and gameplay (whatever gameplay there is in the game).

However, I can see this game being successfull. The cutscenes and action sequences are so big, they can easily be sold to the younger gamers and Japan will probably go mad with it. I wont be surprised to see this pop up on the Vita and or PSP in some form.

ritsuka6663374d ago

Another letdown of Capcom... sigh.

_LarZen_3374d ago

Dont care what anyone says, I had a HELL of a fun time with the demo. Lauging and just making big eyes with all the crazy stuff happening.

This is a buy regardles review scores for me...

soundslike3374d ago

...and then for those of us who like to *play* games...

honestly, though, if this game was 20 bucks and I smoked lots of weed, it could be fun times.

but its $60 and $60 is NOT a good price point for this genre of game. Period.

Frankfurt3374d ago

Enjoy your FOUR MINUTES of gameplay per chapter (there's a counter at the end of each chapter - even if you're the worst player in the world, you won't be playing for more than 2 hours TOTAL).

Yep, 2 hours total for $60 bucks.

Also: you don't need to do anything on most QTEs. You can fail them entirelly and the anime... i mean, "game" keeps going.

Skateboard3374d ago

Bigs eyes and big explosion turns you on...... cool.

What turns me on is gameplay and this game is pure scripted events, games like this should have a deep combo system not QTE events for 60$.

_LarZen_3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Wel I love the artstyle and dont mind paying for a experience I probably wil like if I can judge anything from the demo.

After watching the review IGN did I just want it even more...just look at that crazy sh*t! :D

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Tonester9253374d ago

Mabye if they let you PLAY the game it would be better. I didn't enjoy the demo because of this reason.

I just sat there tapping X while the DVD was playing.........