Why I hate L.A. Noire's protagonist: Cole Phelps

Read on to find out why Cole Phelps is the biggest dick in gaming and why that might not be so bad.

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fluffydelusions3361d ago

Game was fun for a couple of hours and then you realize it's the same procedure over and over and over again.

THR1LLHOUSE3361d ago

I can see that, but the final mission at the Homocide desk is one my favorite video game "levels" in a long time. It was like playing a detective show!

NukaCola3361d ago

This game took a daring new approach and it payed off. It wasn't perfect, but it was definitely worth the price of admission. I even forked out for the $10 R* PASS and really dug it. The Reefer Madness case was kind of weak, but the one about the explosion was really awesome. The City wasn't lifeless, but it should of had more interaction like RDR did. Maybe in the sequel, hopefully. I like that they added badges other things to get you searching. I thought it was pretty unique in concept. I really would love to see a miniature version for the Vita. Love to use those features to solve crimes, take AR photos, touch screen searching, etc.

On LA NOIRE's Story. I thought the final cut scene didn't support the great ending. I really would of preferred something involving Cole's family. They never really were there. They could of had a bigger role. Also, for kicks, it would of been kind of cool to have a flashback to the war scene (if done right) just to play through for a change of scenery.

CarlitoBrigante3360d ago

It was a repetitive game, not to mention the lame story with the most horrible ending.

Dovahkiin3361d ago

I just don't see why there was nothing to do outside the main missions, the world was lifeless.

True Crime style open world would have made this game amazing.

But i guess that would have meant more work for the moaning devs.

RioKing3361d ago Show
OhMyGandhi3361d ago

Totally agree. the world seemed to be paused, and there was little incentive to wander.

I wish it could have followed Mafia 2's example...

YodaCracker3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

There certainly was more to do outside the main cases; forty unique street crimes, fifty golden reels to find, a couple dozen hidden cars, etc.

fragnificent3361d ago

if you wanna be a detective then play Batman :)

Canary3360d ago

...That's because it's a procedural drama. Surely you've heard the term before?

And the only good reason for disliking Cole is the same reason everyone has: he's an unlikeable twit. That, and the hamfisted railroading--but that's not really Cole's fault, is it.

SilentNegotiator3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Evidence collection was almost automatic, interviews were too forgiving, the shooting and driving sequences were sub par, the realistic faces on the paper doll bodies was creepy as can be, it was overall very repetitive....

The fans of this game are the same sort of people that liked Enslaved, to be sure. Lots of pseudo-flash and story, very little gameplay tact.

aquamala3360d ago

This is not a detective game, people that think that will be disappointed , you can miss half the clues and half th dialogues wrong and the cases still get solved. There are cases I had no idea what happened at the end but I still get 4 stars. Too many cases just end in a chase or shoot out, you don't even need to figure out what happened

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crazytown993361d ago

Kelso wasn't much better, but I liked him more.

Christopher3360d ago

I think they did that on purpose in case there was a sequel. Cole? I always felt he was doomed from the get-go.

crazytown993360d ago

I agree so much that I clicked where it says "Agree."

THR1LLHOUSE3361d ago

I really liked LA Noire, but it's kinda tough to argue with any criticisms people have about it...Either way, I like Cole. He was just a guy who got in over his head a bit.

Nozzle3361d ago

I liked Phelps, I just hated <Spoilers>...his crappy death scene, it felt so tacked on and there was no emotion building up to it, one second he's there and the next he's not.

I think adding Kelso as a playable character towards the end of the game ruined the death scene because it didn't give Phelps a good heroic emotional build up to his death. Oh and Roy Earle delivering Phelps's eulogy...WTF

Canvas Of Flesh3361d ago

That's why it fit so perfectly in the Noir genre. The main characters aren't always likable and they are sometimes denied a subtle, "heroes" death. The good guys don't always win, and the bad guys, more often then not, are left unpunished.

I will agree that playing as Kelso was a bit of a misstep.

I felt it was still a thoroughly enjoyable game.

CharlesDCI3361d ago

Thank you Canvas lol. The Noir genre is filled with imperfect characters and bad endings. Max Payne is an example of a modern Noir character.

BattleTorn3361d ago

aaaahh. my eyes! I looked! I shouldn't of looked!

RioKing3361d ago

Quick! Get reallly wasted and forget it ever happened ;)

NagaSotuva3361d ago

You don't reach make it to "Detective" by being a sweetheart.

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