Mass Effect 3 Steelbook With Pre-Order is Stunning, Game Is $5 Off

Continuing the long standing tradition of offering a steelbook with big games, Future Shop is giving away a great steelbook with the online pre-order of Mass Effect 3. Not only that, you will get both a $10 gaming credit and a $5 discount with the pre-order, making the game just $54.99.

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DarkBlood3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

yeah i did this few weeks back at the store and realise i never needed the limited edition anyways all i wanted out of it was the character and mission plus with the steek book i can store all of my mass effect games into one case

cant wait for march 6

TrendyGamers3364d ago

Yeah, it's pretty cool how the steelbook has spaces for every single disc.

PetitPiPi3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

The steelbooks are totally worth it. For the first time ever, I per-ordered three games last year (MW3, BF3 & Skyrim) all with steelbooks at no extra cost. They are so beautiful, If I had the option, I would go back a few years and pre-order all of my games.

Just realized the Mass Effect steelbook is for the entire collection. A must own! The one I have for the COD:MW collection is sweet! One case for all three games. Awesome sauce.