DigitalSpy: Syndicate Review

Syndicate has returned nearly 20 years after Bullfrog's original strategy title introduced gamers to a world run by ruthless corporations and technologically-enhanced special agents. But while this may be Syndicate in name, it's not Syndicate as we know it. EA's reboot welcomes back the Eurocorp Syndicate and its merciless operatives, sure, but replaces the isometric strategical gameplay with first-person shooter action. A controversial move sure to anger diehard fans, but one that will be forgiven if the latest entry can live up to its legacy.

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Kakihara2430d ago

I thought this game looked painfully generic when I first saw it but the more I saw the better it looked. That's probably partly due to me finding out it's made by the same people who made the first Darkness. I still can't bring myself to pick it up at launch though simply because I played Deus ex HR too recently and while I loved that game it just gave me my fill of this kind of thing, I'm gonna have to wait until my Deus ex experience wears off a little more to buy this one or all the talk of secret societies and cybernetic implants it's just gonna grate on my nerves. It's just an unlucky case of bad timing I think.

finbars752430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Kakihara this game is nothing like Deus Ex at all.The game feels nothing like the gameplay and the story is in its own.I like Deus Ex as well and was a little nervous about the similarity but once I started playing the game the only thing that looks the same is the main characters thats it.You should try the game out its really cool and neat and the future looks bleak from the company of Dart6.