Gaming Backlogs, Do They Ever Get Played?

Do you ever get around to your backlog? What does your backlog consist of?

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darthv723364d ago

never get around to putting in the time. Here are some games I have yet to finish (don't flame me).

SoTC, WindWaker, Bioshock, ME/ME2, UC/UC2, Batman AA, Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, Halo ODST/Reach, Final Fantasy X, Paper Mario, Mario sunshine, Mario Galaxy 2, Metal Gear 4.....

Yeah there are more. I suck as a gamer now. I buy them because i love games and then have no time to really finish them. I have to admit, only recently did i finish Resistance FoM and am close to finishing Resistance 2.

I should probably turn in my gamercard.

Why o why3364d ago

Thats a 30 plus trait i know all too well. [email protected] FOM. Ive still to buy lost odyssey but i KNOW i have to grab it. Ive not finished dead space or siren BC

darthv723364d ago

Im on the edge of 40. when i was younger, i could finish most games in less than a day. Now, not even close to finishing them within the year.

+bub to you for being old like me.