Collective Denial: Mass Effect Jumped the Shark

Gameranx: The endgame & overarching plot Mass Effect 2 presented was just so outrageously bad and so horribly clashing with the rest of the series, that I’m not even sure if it wasn’t just the writers trolling. And that just denies me the possibility of ever taking Mass Effect serious again.

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Godmars2902483d ago

Sorry, but don't lump me in with everybody else.

Though I did jump on the bandwagon with ME2, starting with the lack of ship combat and the whole everybody important has the leave the ship for no reason so the rest of the crew can be kidnapped and the gimp and the AI can bond thing, I've been wonder what the big deal was.

OdinX2483d ago

It's people's opinion and different tastes; it's not a fact. So I don't understand why the author would even title it, "Collective Denial". Makes it seem like his point of view is the right one, which is ignorance at its best. Personally, I prefer the way ME2 was handled over ME1, but then again that's my own opinion. I can't seem to see the whole "genius game design" thing for ME1, even though I DO think it is a great game.