GiantBomb: Syndicate Review

Jeff Gerstman: "I had an outstanding time with Syndicate and really took to the game's cooperative mode in a way that I really didn't expect. The teamwork required there is just enough to get you angry when someone's letting the side down, but not so much that you'll have to organize and coordinate every little move. Rushing into a room full of enemy corporate scum and mowing them all down as they scramble for cover makes you feel invincible due to your own skill at playing the game, rather than some sort of overpowering ability or story reason that puts you above all. The smart players will rise to the challenge and feel like they've been appropriately rewarded for their prowess."

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DaveMan3365d ago

so you played it and finished it eh?

Knight_Cid3364d ago

All I had to do was stare at it

sonicsidewinder3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

That argument shouldn't be used imo.

If you find the game to be bad, why would you pay for it? To prove to yourself you were right?

Oops, doesn't matter. You're moneys adding up to a great big letter saying "hey I bought this game, make another one."

From how Syndicate has been advertised, it does so just look 'generic'.

EA should take a hint from 2K and get themselves busy with a proper Syndicate game; as they've got Firaxis making a proper Xcom.

Sure whatever, release this for whoever wants it, but make something else for the folks who don't.

The ARE people who would buy it.

morganfell3364d ago

Regardless of how Syndicate has been advertised, having gone through the first two levels I certainly prefer it over Deus Ex.

sonicsidewinder3365d ago

Sorry Jeff. But I aint getting this.

NAGNEWS3365d ago

the concept & the story behind it what makes it so special

its not just another shooting game

R1CAN6173365d ago

Love the Co op in this game

StayStatic3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

A cheap dirty cash in console port with lots of crashes and a field of view that's like having 2 boxes strapped to your ears.

An a insult to the original ... no thanks ill pass on this one.

gillri3364d ago

how is it a console port when it was made for consoles?