How I Got Into Game Journalism, Part 2

The Bitbag writes, "After my first contact was made, Microsoft offered full support and sent some games for review. I continued my search and looked hard and long for Dave Karraker's info. I could only find his Sony Europe email address. I dug even harder for about a week and managed to find his email address on a press release. I sent the same letter to him and Sony offered support without question."

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felman874730d ago

It's tough getting in and staying in, (both online and in print) especially since you always get some wannabe hacks who apply but they're only after the free games, not for the writing portion. Must've had hundreds of people apply who had never even passed elementary english class.

Andronix4730d ago

I really enjoyed reading this article by Torrence Davis. He shared a little bit about his past, his passion and his website. Games Journalism can be difficult to break into in the UK. Sometimes it is not what you know, or how well you can write, but who you know. TheBitBag looks interesting. I can't wait to see the angle it takes in the new year. Good Luck mate!