Alan Wake PC Update Coming This Week; Second Update Coming Next Week

DSOGaming writes: "This is just awesome. Remedy's Markus has just revealed the PC Patch roadmap for Alan Wake and PC gamers will get on their hands two updates by the end of next week. Remedy will release a patch this week that will address various issues that are already fixed. Sadly, SLI support won't be included but there is high probability to see it in the second patch that is slated for release next week"

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dirthurts2433d ago

"Unofficial support for 640×480 and 800×600 resolution through command line"... now I can run it on my netbook?

TheGameFoxJTV2433d ago

Unless it's a laptop made for gaming....nope. This is a modern game, if you couldn't run it before...I doubt lowering the Res a bit will make you be able to run it. there's a reason they have minimum and recommended specs when viewing games.

dirthurts2432d ago

I ran call of duty modern warfare on there :p
It was terrible but fun to play around with.