Why We Don't Need a New COD: Modern Warfare Game

GameDynamo - "Pause. Before you fly down to the comments section, hear me out. I'm not saying that the Modern Warfare series should meet its end. I'm simply here to question whether or not a new game is necessary so soon."

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dazzrazz3362d ago

Maybe "we" don't need it but Activision does ! Without this golden egg laying machine company would step into deep smelly shit as I'm pretty sure Cod is most likely half of their profit where other half would be Blizzard titles

Hufandpuf3362d ago

This article is a game too late. Tre-arch is next in line so there WILL be a new COD, then after that IW is going to make another COD title. Also there will be one on Vita. 3 more CODs in 2 years.

And it's funny because vita supporters that are COD haters are now supporting COD because they want their handheld to sell. Which in turn will make Acti publish even more CODs.

We're past the point of no return. COD will be written down as one of the greatest franchises of all time whether we like it or not.

People say its on a crash course, but its really on a crash course to more success because EACH AND EVERY YEAR more and more people are buying it.

PinkFunk3362d ago

I quite liked COD4. Twas fun, had a blast playing it. I haven't felt the need to buy any more CODs. I've preferred moving away from the FPS genre in general. Quite a few people, of the mainstream as well as hardcore still enjoy the COD franchise and apparently want to keep buying it.

That's fine with me.

If i'm worried about anything regarding Activision's publishing trends, it's that I hope it doesn't negatively influence other publishers. I think franchises get milked anyway, since $$$ is the name of the game nowaday, and so it happens in the film industry and anywhere else.

If YOU (the royal 'you') think that your money is justified in buying a new COD, who is anyone to tell you otherwise?

It's the role of every other publisher to show the people why their games and developers are better. Simple as that. I buy games that indicate quality and passion in their making. That's a subjective choice.

as for COD being the greatest franchise? Sure from a financial standpoint, and perhaps having sold the most copies you can easily make the case for it being the most liked.

but greatest franchise based on critical acclaim, personal choice, or any other criteria? Highly debatable. It's a moot point ultimately, perhaps. But that's why as gamers we debate. That's the whole idea. And I for one find the franchise redundant, unoriginal, and uninteresting. If anyone cares, I can elaborate. But it's all been said before so i'll avoid that.

Hufandpuf3362d ago

You don't have to elaborate why COD is shovelware now, I know. I love COD4 (because I still play it). That was back when the idea was fresh. The recent CODs are shells of COD4.

PinkFunk3362d ago

Indeed. And though I don't play COD4 anymore, it only takes me a moment to recall those countless nights of pure COD fun back in the day.

Ahhh yes. Those were the days.

And now I somewhat eagerly await the new UC3 maps.

gamernova3362d ago

Well makarov is now I'm looking for a new story.

RioKing3362d ago

Future Warfare -_-

ie. BF2142

TheGOODKyle3362d ago

"Why We Don't Need Anymore COD Games"

Fixed the title for you.

Tonester9253362d ago

Would that be the same as saying no more Tom Clancy Games?

Gamer-Z3362d ago

I'm not trying to hate or anything but I just don't see what else they can possibly do or add in the next COD to keep it fresh that hasn't been done already.

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