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30+ launch titles - but which should you buy?

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specialguest2528d ago

It got a 6.9. Decent score, but in my opinion, it needs 2 points taken away for the ridiculous rip-off price of $40. Sufferin succotash! This game cost $1 on itunes, and originally $15 on PSN.

Horny2528d ago

Getting uncharted in 10 min. FIFA, rayman, and wipeout on Friday.

Pumbli2528d ago

Hah, Icelandic retailers really dropped the ball today. They all managed to secure a good load of game copies and Vitas but the memory cards got delayed.

Hopefully at least some Vita games don't require a memory card to play or a few Icelandic gamers may be a little disappointed.

RevXM2527d ago

I got Uncharted today.
To bad that I wont be getting my 3G vita until Saturday at least since I had to order it online when my favourite local Electronics store didnt have any 3g's... -___-

Im thinking of getting Wipeout, Gravity rush, Unit 13, Rayman and some psp games.
And I cant wait for Resistance, Killzone, MGS collection and Bioshock.

Now I have to wait and gaze upon my copy of Uncharted, my travel kit and 32GB Vita card...
Ok Im just going to try play some games, geez its unbearable to not do anything for 5 minutes it seems. Now that I have to wait while others enjoys their Vita and all.

But yeah enjoy it peeps, its really a wonderful console isn't it?

h311rais3r2527d ago

-.- the AR games don't work AT ALL. It makes me so mad. They hyped me for it and it doesn't even work!!

paddystan2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Works for me. Are you doing it right?

But I just tried the AR games in a couple of minutes and headed right back to my other Vita games. It seems AR games are too boring for me. I have the 3DS too and did almost not try it there.

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