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EuroGamer - For a game set in the future, EA's rebooted Syndicate is a game very much trapped by the past.

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cyguration3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )


This review sums up how I felt about this game perfectly after first seeing a full level play-through.

A lot of it looks generic and forgettable, like an FPS "Fix for the moment" kind of game but nothing long lasting or having any great original appeal.

All the gadgets and abilities are mostly alternate forms of play mechanics from other generic FPS titles rolled into one. It's unfortunate Starbreeze was brought in by EA just to make a generic cash-in FPS.

Also, the game's linearity is more stifling than its

EDIT: Also, for those of you would buy the game for the multiplayer just play Repulse/Genesis A.D. or A.V.A. instead, they're practically the same thing with the co-op missions except they're free. Save the $60 for a game that's actually worth it.