Call of Duty: Overrated Multiplayer but Underrated Single Player…

Call of Duty is a house hold name because, quite simply, it has been an amazing game for years (with the exception of a few misses). The franchise has pretty much taken over the gaming industry and continues to sit happily on it’s thrown. When you ask your friends what it is about Call of Duty that they enjoy so much it is likely you will hear a thunderous “Multiplayer!” as a response. This is an answer that seems very deserving for a game that has had such iconic multiplayer throughout the years; however, many gamers turn a blind eye to the single player story mode...

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TheSuperior 3361d ago

Im a huge singleplayer, multiplayer, spec ops, zombies... you name it. I respect the game to a full but hope they skip a year putting a new one out. Skipping a year will make me learn the full reason of why i love the series all over again :)

BiggCMan3361d ago

No it wouldn't, it would fool you into thinking more work is being done, but it will keep turning out to be the same thing regardless of how much time they put in it.

MaxXAttaxX3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

That's actually kinda true. Skipping a year hasn't helped COD.

Compare MW3 to MW2 which are two years apart.

da_2pacalypse3360d ago

Call of duty: overrated everything. EVERYTHING!

TheGrimBunny3361d ago

I think at this point, the WHOLE FRANCHISE is OVER RATED! I was even a Hardcore fan of all of the older ones from COD2 to Black Ops, but Activision will try to suck the life out of this franchise for its money, just like the Guitar Hero franchise releasing 3 games a year or something leaving gamers with out the time or money to keep up with it. I truly hope it doesn't come to that but that is the general consensus when Activision find a title that will make then money.

TheSuperior 3361d ago

same here, point being if they left it alone for a few years gamers would get hooked again instead of burning out on playing the same thing over and over again

Oschino19073361d ago

Not everyone buys COD every year, many have interest in other games all together or stick to one COD franchise or another. Anyone who buys it every year and then complains or whines about being burnt out needs only to blame themselves and not COD.

fatboyfsx3361d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

"Not everyone buys COD every year"

Though I understand where you are coming from when you say that, sales numbers would tend to disagree with that statement. The number of COD fans that don't buy each yearly release is quite minimal.

Oschino19073361d ago

*Face Palm* Why do people compare Guitar Hero to COD, it's 1000x worse then the constant COD vs BF moron fest that goes on everyday.

kornbeaner3361d ago

Because the same publisher has the rights to both games. They are not comparing the games directly but simply the marketing applied to both. Guitar hero 1 and 2 were released within a very nice time frame. But once it became a huge market hit, Activision single handily killed the genre by releasing a game every year than at max releasing 3 games within a years time on Main Consoles only. At most the franchise saw 6 releases within a given year. WTF is that? The same thing is happening with CoD. Since two there has been a new CoD game released every year. And with Ravensoft and Beachhead Studios being added to the CoD development cycle there have been rumors that this franchise will see a 3 game release cycle in a years time. That is as simple has I can get with the story. Activision, takes what they have and scrapes the Teat for all its worth. Putting many out of jobs and work in the process. Look at all the studios that closed once Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero stop selling.

Fylus3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

*Harder Face Palm* because Guitar Hero and Call if Duty are BOTH published by Activision and are BOTH perfect examples of how Activision likes to milk the life out of their popular franchises...

Edit: Korn beat me to it, but I TOLD YOU SO. There.

Oschino19073360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Wow way to go and totally back up my original comment....

Guitar Hero - A gimmick from the start that appealed to a small but very active group of gamers. Never sold close to COD numbers and replayability is much much lower then COD practically requiring new games or constant DLC. Again it was a GIMMICK game and only a flavor of the year type of game, people got over it quick and moved on hence why they tried to make as much as they could while it was hot. Had ZERO to do with over saturation or milking but solely to do with it being a gimmick that was something new and different that got old the second it started.

If it was so great even when it was out then where are all the fans and why has no one really given a crap about if another ever gets released. Their was Rock Band also and it wasn't the best either, another gimmick that like guitar hero couldn't survive on just prisoner of the moment players who thought it was "cool" to "play" music in a video game and hear their fav songs. Tony Hawk was killed by cheap gimmicks also and the fact that it became a over the top joke after the first 2 making its market appeal drop game after game.

COD - What do I need to say, tons of modes and ways to play with record breaking audiences every year with their online multi and with ELITE it now has its own social networking features. Has two franchises that get released every other year and many like myself that prefer one over the other. The 3rd game in a year would be a handheld version, what's wrong with that? I didn't buy black ops and won't be getting black ops 2 and no one is forcing anyone to buy both franchises, if you buy them every year and want to whine and complain well look only to yourself for blame. Two diff games with two slightly different modded engines that have their own gameplay style.

What will you be telling me next, the Ford F-150 is going to go the way of the Dodo because of the over saturation of mediocre crossover SUVs the last decade despite the fact that it sells more then every other car or truck in america every single year? Don't compare the most popular and best selling game in what is currently the hottest genre this generation to what is essentially a gimmick that is lucky it even sold as well as it did while it was new.

The fact that anyone would take a comparison like that seriously just shows how blindly anyone will sprint off the cliff to take a shot at COD and try to knock it down a peg. I think the "haters" talk about the game more then the people actually playing it everyday. If you don't like it get over it and move on to something else you do like and be a constructive gamer not an annoying crybaby troll. Nothing new is ever said by COD haters, the same stuff for years just slightly modified every year to fit the new product. The lack of originality and innovation comming out of haters far far exceeds the so called lack of such things in COD every year.

wolokowoh3360d ago

@Oschino1907 Guitar Hero may have never reached COD numbers but it made nearly as much money. Guitar Hero 3 alone made over 1 billion in revenue. For all intents in purposes it is the most revenue a non-Nintendo(Wii-fit and a few games) and non-COD title has ever made. In fact GH3 made more than any COD before MW2. So when people compare what Activision did with Guitar Hero to COD you should know that is by far the best example of an extremely successful franchise being spammed out that there is and it was Activision who did it. Also Guitar Hero wasn't just a gimmick as you call it. By your logic, because the COD4 formula was old the moment it started. When you play COD if you think about it you're playing the same thing over and over but people don't mind because its fun and when you get tired of maps there are new ones out soon. The same can be said about Rock Band and GH once you get tired of the songs you can buy new ones. Your argument is further debunked by the fact that people are still buying songs for Rock Band. If it was just a gimmick and nothing more, it would have ended with the first of second game and would have not gone on for years and continued to go on. The genre is not dead and there are even recent releases such as the ones that actually try to teach you to play guitar.
I doubt Activision would release more than one COD a year because they now have Elite in place and a COD a year for all the money they need, but if they do they will eliminate the majority of COD's audience and we'll see other franchises take over and COD will either be abandoned or rebooted.

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Bladesfist3360d ago

fatboyfsx then why should activision change if you are going to give them your money every year. I have not bought MW3 and have bought all the previous games. Its really not to hard to stand up and say no.

LX-General-Kaos3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

I had a mighty good fun 5 hour time with the single player. Not the greatest in the world but the ass whoopin went down and it got the job done. Captain price is a real man.

@Below.. thank u sir

LX-General-Kaos3361d ago

So a few people had a problem with the fact that i had a little bit of fun with the MW3 campaign mode?

kingdavid3360d ago

How you spend your money is your problem and if you enjoyed it that's all that counts. For what its worth, i've always enjoyed the COD campaigns.

In my opinion though, a Good time you mightve had but it was 5 hours long with little to no replay value which is poor bang for your buck. In turn activision has made it into an industry practice.

If the game was 20 bucks, Cool. Id probably buy it too but Ive always prefered single player experiences over multiplayer. bare in mind, the last COD game ive bought is mw2.

ZeroWil3361d ago

I actually do enjoy the single player campaigns for the games. They deliver pretty cool set pieces and I was looking forward to completing the Makarov story. Granted, they don't make sense once in a while (looking at you MW2), but its still pretty solid.

Of course, nothing in the series will ever surpass CoD4's campaign.

FinaLXiii3361d ago

CoD2´s campaign disagrees.

Dovahkiin3361d ago

Best CoD to date in my opinion, the online was great. Kar98k bolt action.

kingdavid3360d ago

Hell yeah it does.

Cod 2 campaign was like 3 times as long as the CoDs now and actually made sense.

kneon3360d ago

The last time the story made any sense was WaW. Since then the stories have been utter crap.

CanadianTurtle3361d ago

I really enjoy the MW campaigns. I like them because, even though they're generic military shooters, I feel as if the MW games have the best "generic military shooter" campaigns.

I just love the slick design of the game, with its slick weapons, "cool" generic characters and such. When I play it, it really feels like Im in a middle of a war, and it makes me wonder if this is how it would look like if WW3 really happened.

The first level, "Black Tuesday" caught my eye. Remindeds me of 9/11. It gave me that same sense of fear at the time that we're not "safe." It felt emotional to see New York being taken war torn like that.

Such beautiful destruction.