Call of Duty: Playing Shooter Games Might be Good for your Vision

GameBandits: "A research team in Canada has discovered that playing action games like first person shooters might potentially fix impaired vision."

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Hufandpuf3366d ago

Call of duty should be taken out of the title. COD isn't saying it reduces vision, researchers are.

scrambles3366d ago

BF3's extreme contrast, extremely bright sun, and art effects may hurt their chances of proving this as well. People have gone to the doctor because of eye strain lol

Mrmagnumman3573366d ago

Thats because BF3 is realistic, go outside, try to look at the sun.... turns out it is that bright, huh!

Hufandpuf3366d ago

That's not the point. The title implies that Call of Duty alone improves eyesight.