IGN - The Future of Entertainment on Xbox

IGN - On the current Xbox 360 Dashboard, "games" is the fourth tab to the right. It's not quite hidden, but it's buried in the middle of everything else. At this point in the console's life, Microsoft isn't concerned with games as much as broader entertainment. Rightfully so: More of us are using Xbox Live for entertainment.

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darthv723373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

there would be the option to customize your dash. Move things around to accommodate the individual. Guess that kind of customization will only be for the Metro UI version of windows.

As for the topic at hand...we all know the 360 plays games. I believe what MS is trying to do is take that one step that other consoles have tried but failed at. Real convergence as a central set top box that even the members of the house who dont play games can use and enjoy. That may not be such a hot ticket to those who are in it for the games but you cant deny that there is serious $$$ to be made from having that type of convenience.

I am seeing cable boxes and bluray players and TV's come out with features built in for simple games (like card games) and other media applications. They obviously didnt want to be the ones on the market that DIDNT offer those features when sitting next to another brand that did for the same price (or less).

PetitPiPi3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

I was also hoping we would be able to customize the dash. Unfortunately we can't and I have a feeling it's due to the lack of memory. Can anybody confirm?

The Xbox brand has come a long way in a short period of time. MS wants their console to be the goto entertainment hub and they're well on there way of accomplishing exactly this. At first they popularized the Xbox with exclusive games and exclusive content. Now it appears their main focus is to keep the user signed in no matter what he/she is doing. The way I see it is the opposite of Sony's approach with the launch of the PS3. Sony pushed bluray instead of games and has since turned up the heat in the exclusive department. MS started with games and is now pushing for the rest. Both are sucessful consoles. Everybody should be happy. Atleast I am.

Series_IIa3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

xbox and PS3 now need Spotify, that would complete the digital entertainment packages on both consoles.

Mr Blings3373d ago

I cant stand the new dashboard. It is not enhancing the customer experience that was bought and paid for via subscription. All it does is add more in your face advertising. If i could atleast customize the screens how i see fit it would be somewhat better. All i use xbox for is games and stream music from my pc or lasr fm. Occasional netflix. The advertising has gotten out of control though. Even closed walled garden apple allows you to customize placement of apps. Live is definately losing its appeal to me.

darthv723373d ago

the problem with the dash to many is the inclusion of adverts yet what those ads are for is generally game related. some may not be but there are things available to the gamer that clicks on them. Be it themes or gamer pics or whatever.

thing is, this dash has been more tuned as an inclusion of the entire marketplace. Before it was a separate thing. you had the blades but then those evolved over time but always being somewhat divided between personal content and marketplace content.

now this dash is virtually the marketplace on every tab which leads to the explanation of the ads in the first place. It isnt about paid subscriptions or anything else other than marketable content being made available up front instead of having to search for it. Ads for new maps for COD or new tracks/cars in forza. Sure you could go searching for them on the game tab but with them being up front in advertising that its dont have to.

And i understand that ads for WOW arent relevant to the 360 but other ads are and in some cases take you to other areas of the dash where more information can be found. Like contests to win points and what not. IGN is a major sponsor of Live and so seeing their ads generally takes you to their strategy videos which can be very informative and helpful.

I like the new dash and was very quick to figure out where everything was. I just wished I could make some areas more prominent than others.

Mr Blings3372d ago

I agree with you in that it is all marketplace ads for the most part. I don't agree with the ads being game related. Right now ther is a Hulu ad, wwe, hyundia, UFC, Zune pass, Verizon fios along with another 10 or so game related ads. Personally, it is beyond overkill. I don't want to see Zumba fitness adverts stream across my screen every 9 seconds. Just feel like the whole interface is a giant billboard. not appealing or elegant in any way. Having the music blade or page or whatever metro name they have for it on home screen 7 out of 9 irks me as well, especially since you can't access the music player from the quick play app box on the home screen. I know it was given praise from tech sites and I guess people must like the new direction but I would gladly go back to the previous layout. Like the article suggested, Microsoft is pushing other entertainment and putting less focus on games. I've been a Live member from the day it went live. Again, Live is losing its appeal to me. Must just be me though...