Success of Skyrim and future of the series

Inent: The PC Port is classed as insulting and needs to be better to acquire more PC gamers and the user interface may look alright, but it makes useful information hard to access taking up screen space and valuable time.

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bwazy3362d ago

Off topic kinda.... But I really wanna see a new Fallout with their pretty new engine.... Oh god I just had a nerdgasm O_o

dark-hollow3362d ago

Hopefully fallout 4 for next Gen.
THAT would be nerdgasm worthy.

lastdual3362d ago

Some people have legitimate complaints about Skyrim (such as those who suffered from a lagging framerate on PS3), but a lot of the complaints are so trivial and pathetic that they drag the legitimate complaints down.

Unfortunately, with a larger audience comes more idiots who can't see the big picture and simply whine about the game not having multi-hit combos and air juggling.

RedDead3362d ago

It's action sucks, it's exploration/loot is decent(brought down by level scaling), it's story is dreadful(again) Why can't bethesda hire some decent writers?

A LIVING LEGEND3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

A Fallout with Skyrim engine?.
Post apocalyptica with sneak-bow win condition and repetitive dead zone environments....
fortunately with an educated and outspoken audience,such overrated pieces of work are subject to intense scrutiny.For good reason.

bwazy3362d ago

You can use an engine to create (virtually/literally) any type of game play experience you want. The engine is a staple that the dev's paint with.

That being said, lets hope they don't half ass it.


you can run an engine on nothing but good intentions but it needs oil eventually...
or a new engine

Jdub895O3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

a remake of done.

Its a dream that would never happen.Just imagine how big the game would be in full 3d? Hell i would be happy if they made it with the morrowind engine and made it just as big. If they made a game like Daggerfall again it would probably be the best game for years, but then again a game that big would take 4 or 5 years.....oh wait wasnt oblivion made in 05?

Anyways alot of people need to experience Daggerfalls story and Arenas as well. Most gamers now only remember Morrowind as the first and the best because they werent there or knew about the elder scrolls back then because it was finally released on console(xbox)and when they play Daggerfall now they are like wtf this game sucks!!!

If you kids only knew....In my day my mind was blown with Ultima Underworld. The first nerdgasm ive ever had.

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