Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD vs. PS1 comparison

Take a look at the big visual improvement in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD compared to the original.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3291d ago

Looks great. This was definitely my favourite of the pro skaters, I was still playing it until about 2008.


it even adds a tiny baldspot on tony hawk! loving it

Moncole3291d ago

No contest

The PS1 version looks way better

dirthurts3291d ago

I know right.
I mean just check out that move he's doing.
Sliding with the deck below the rail? Intense.

M_Prime3291d ago

i know remaking video games is the IT thing now but really THPS1?

i spent way WAY WAY more time with THPS2.. heck i finished the game with EVERY CHARACTER! even kid Tony.

THPS3 is where it went downhill..

Reibooi3291d ago

If i remember correctly this isn't a direct HD remake of the first game. They are just calling it THPS HD but I'm pretty sure it has levels from both the original and the 2nd game. Pretty sure I read that in many of the articles talking about it soon after it was announced.

I'm personally looking forward to it. This could be exactly what the franchise needs. Times have changed and it's harder to get people to buy a full blown THPS game and the stupid gimmicks that were ruining the franchise really didn't help. However smaller PSN or XBLA releases sounds like a great idea.

Oschino19073291d ago

Well if you took any time to look further into the game outside of this screen shot you would know its actually taking the better levels, moves, characters and features from the first few and putting them into this remake. Its essentially a tribute to the PS1 versions that many loved and made the genre so big for a decade+.

MaxXAttaxX3291d ago

Pro Skater HD mixes both THPS1 and THPS2.

SSultan3290d ago

I must strongly disagree. THPS1 started the madness and I can see how it stands out. THPS4 was the BUSINESS though.

M_Prime3290d ago

my apologies.. i honestly saw the screenshots and most of them show the levels from THPS1..

but i will probably check this out. it does look good and no stupid board. Though i will have SSX very soon to play.. hmmm

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Tonester9253291d ago

Man graphics have came a long way. Still getting better every year.

Reibooi3291d ago

It likely will considering it will be coming to XBLA and every game on their needs a trial version.

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The story is too old to be commented.