Why nostalgia is so important to me

TVGB: "For the past four years or so, one of my favourite pastimes has been booting up the latest iteration of the Gears of War, going online and entering the fray backed by a squad of friends. The games of today all seem to incorporate a similar theme, murky, muddy realism with high end, sometimes almost photo-realistic graphics that involve a lot of shooting. Now, I certainly do not have a problem with this. If I did, I couldn’t really justify owning an Xbox 360, as a considerable bulk of the catalogue of games consist of shooters."

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LX-General-Kaos3374d ago

Yes i still fondly remember the days of the great PS1 and N64. Those were my fav days of gaming. I have yet to play a game that beats Zelda OOT, and Final Fantasy 7. and 8. Things were a lot different back then and i hope many of you on this site got a chance to experience that.

smashcrashbash3373d ago

Nostalgia is fine. I fondly remember playing my SNES and PS2 systems. What I dislike are the developers who can't cut the strings of it and move on and just keep going back to the same thing over and over again, feeding off past accomplishment and not attempting to make anything new.It's like the Star Wars movies. I would like to see them move on after Return of the Jedi or make another space movie to see what else they can do. But they just keep milking Star Wars, making prequels and making it into 3D and all sorts of nonsense.

Tanir3373d ago

agreed, i enjoy nostalgia but some people become tied down to their past happiness. its very common among anything actually, thats why old people act the way they do.

and as much as i enjoy it, i tire of the companies that milk our nostalgia.

take nintendo for example. Im sick of Link, mario and samus having the same adventure for 20 years.

the nostalgia was fine before but after a while it scares you away. I mean besides games repeating themselves, you get constant remakes (orcina of time for example) WTF, releasing a game over 5 times within 3 generations across 5 platforms? wtf.

I think paying homage to a nostalgiac memory is great. but seriously. people need some more creative bones, its the reason gaming is getting less creative

Bimkoblerutso3373d ago

There's nothing wrong with nostalgia, but a lot of times I feel like people let it get in the way of progression.

I mean, I still love playing OoT, and it's STILL my favorite game of all time, but at the same time I understand that the game has aged. For instance, things that didn't bother me in OoT (like the lack of voice-overs, the hand-holding, and the easy difficulty) have begun to bother me over the years in the more recent iterations because it's simply Nintendo playing off the success of their previous games....and a great many fans don't seem to even mind.

I guess I like playing old games, but I don't like playing new games that FEEL like old games.