Asuras Wrath DLC Screenshots

New Asuras Wrath DLC Screenshots have been released today!

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Frankfurt3629d ago

The game is barely 2 hours of gameplay (plus 3 hours of cutscenes). There's even a time counter after each stage, and the longest you'll get is 15 minutes of gameplay per stage (some stages are 4 minutes long).

All DLC should be free, or even better, already on the disc, unlocked from day 1.

LackTrue4K3629d ago

wait wait hes going to be a
DLC for street fighter?!

rezzah3629d ago

Looks like they bringing Street fighter to Asura, I think it will only be Ryu though.

Lord_Sloth3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Metal Gear Solid is barely 2 hours of gameplay. Should the same rule apply?

I agree with day 1 DLC being on the disc and this is a trend that's pissing me off but holding a game's gameplay length against it is asinine and implies you never play through a game more than once.

The Bouncer's Campaign mode was barely even 1:30 and I swear to you that I spent over 100 hours in that game. Replay value is only counted in online games it seems...