Should Remedy ditch Alan Wake after American Nightmare?

Remedy have tried hard to get Alan Wake into the hearts and minds of gamers. Is now the time to throw in the towel?

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NYC_Gamer3363d ago

The Franchise is just boring/too repetitive in my opinion. Remedy won't experience that Max Payne type of praise/success with Alan Wake.They'll continue with Alan Wake since it brings the studio profit.

RaidensRising3363d ago

Not sure how much profit it brings but I agree the game is good but hasn't got the wider appeal of Max Payne who is just a much cooler character all round.

Remedy should face up to facts and totally reinvent the franchise with a new name new lead and new gameplay.

Anon19743363d ago

I finally picked up the title before Christmas and started to play but haven't really got into it yet. I will finish it because I'm a sucker for a story like this, but I already find that after maybe 3 hours I'm already a bit bored by the repetitiveness of the combat. The first Assassin's Creed had repetitive combat as well, but for some reason I still found it fun. Something about Alan Wake's combat just feels like a bit of a chore.
Looking forward to finishing it though just to see where it ends up.

jaosobno3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

They shouldn't kill the franchise, they should go full multiplatform (not just PC&360 but also PS3 and eventually WiiU).

PS3 gamers would definitely buy this kind of game.
PC version of Alan Wake became profitable in 48 hours when in went live.

Something tells me that Microsoft is the one to blame for initial poor sales. They basically killed initial momentum by making it 360 exclusive (deep and emotional games don't really fly of the shelves when it comes to 360. First Person Shooters on the other hand...).

Why o why3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

'Should Remedy ditch Alan Wake after American Nightmare?'

If enough people support it then NO. Theres nothing wrong with more variety. Even if the cod masses dont flock to games there will be many who enjoy titles like this. This sales argument is starting to bite some of us on our rear ends. I swear some will only be happy when they have fewer games to chose from just because they sell trillions...smh

I enjoyed the first game and that didnt sell halo numbers but its obviously not everybody's cup of tea. I'd be damned if the only games available to play are the popular space for innovation or creative projects...I dont wanna go there. I'd probably buy this just to support it even though ive no time to play it yet.

Why o why3363d ago

my annoyance is also directed towards review scores and the dislike for things under 90

omi25p3363d ago

You find it boring and yet its one of my 5 favorite new IPS this gen, Along with Mass Effect, Portal, Bioshock and Infamous

JaredH3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

They're obviously not going to ditch the franchise anyway. They bundled the first game with hard drives and xboxes last year so it would be played by more people who may like it and buy a sequel.

Personally, I don't want this franchise to die. It has an actually interesting story that's reminiscent of things I love like horror, mystery, etc. I never got bored of the gameplay either and don't see how that's a huge complaint when it isn't for any shooter where you only shoot people and they have not as good stories. I guess it might be that set pieces every second make all the difference to some people or something. Even if that's the case the stage part in Alan Wake was awesome.

MariaHelFutura3363d ago

Boring is not a word I would use to describe Alan Wake.

xCaptainAmazing3363d ago

Honestly, I think the only thing that needs minor improvement in this game is combat. Other than that, I found it far more compelling than a game like Max Payne. I love both, but the story and atmosphere in Alan Wake is a step up for Remedy IMO.

I have a buddy that really liked it as well and we are dying for it to see a sequel to know what happens next.

Not enough gamers gave it a chance. I bought it off of pure recommendation and could not have been more pleased.

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ShadesMoolah3363d ago

Yes they should. Make another Max Payne style gritty thriller instead like Sin city.

jay23363d ago

Oh what to make an extra COD, PGR, more kinect games NO keep A.Wake alive its the only reason I've got a 360 still.

ShinraE53363d ago

Is this article a joke? AW was brilliant. And AW AN appears to be a fun action filled side project to tide us over until a possible full on AW sequel.

Is it perfect? No. Few games, if any, are.

But to suggest Remedy should toss it aside like trash? I disagree with a passion

wiggles3363d ago

The author didn't even make an argument, he just said because the review scorers aren't perfect the title should be cut.

I hope this article is a joke, or this author needs a new profession.

SKUD3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

AW brilliant?. Not even close. Since actual good games are rare and in between that most gamers accept this offering.

ShinraE53363d ago

To each their own. Which games would you classify as brilliant then?

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