Street Fighter X Tekken due for PS Vita this fall, adds 12 new characters

PS Vita version adds 12 characters.

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-Mika-3374d ago

Omg fall! Seriously capcom that too far for a game that coming out in march.

darthv723374d ago

they are taking the time to get it working with the PS3 version.

LX-General-Kaos3374d ago

Capcom is waiting for the install base to grow im sure. There is nothing wrong with that. It also seems the game will ship with all the dlc that console gamers will have paid for during that time period.

Smkt3374d ago

better to just wait for the Super arcade hyper turbo xx edition to come out on consoles....

Bleucrunch3374d ago

Yup I will be renting this game...I wont be fooled by Capcom again...when it comes to their fighting games NEVER buy the first one because the super enhanced hyper edition EX+A plus Jelly will come out a couple of months later so save your money Gamers!

bahabeast3374d ago

wonder if i buy it on ps3 if ill get a free vita version :D

Ser3374d ago

Uh...knowing Capcom, I HIGHLY doubt that.

darthv723374d ago

wondering that myself. Perhaps not but if anything i would like to see cross platform play between the PS3.

Tanir3374d ago

im pretty sure cross platform play was announced dude

bahabeast3374d ago

yeah we shud atleast get cross platform play seing that its both sony consoles and the same SEN, i gata get used to that but sounds good SEN oooh yeah

Friendly_fiend3374d ago

people saying that there is gonna be a hyper or super version of this game your wrong more like Street Fighter xXx Tekken

Vandamme213374d ago

I hope they release those characters as dlc on the ps3 version

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The story is too old to be commented.