Hideo Kojima’s Project OGRE seems heavy on the bikinis…

Whatever Hideo Kojima’s next game is, it seems to involve bikini soldiers. He’s been tweeting a series of pictures mentioning “experimenting” with 3D capture. Presumably it’s something to do with his new FOX Engine and the mystery Project OGRE. The technology tests also seem to involve a girl in a bikini because everyone knows it’s the only way to test full body scans.

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LX-General-Kaos3361d ago

Anything that the man makes should be interesting. Now with the new Fox Engine everyone will get a chance to experience 1st class Kojima games.

OmegaSlayer3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

I must say I have lost lot of respect for Kojima.
I think he completely lost the enthusiasm in making games.
He thinks more about razor shaped credit cards and stuff to eat than making games.
It seems that the next MGS is more a duty than a pleasure.
Once it seemed he had a vision, now he's only business and trends.
I can't forget that Koji-Pro was behind NeverDead that is a game that lacks lots of refinement.
IMHO Kojima is tired, unfocused, not the guy he used to be.

LX-General-Kaos3360d ago

1st off were gonna give the Devil May Cry 2 treatment to Never Dead and pretend that didnt happen. Now that we have that out of the way, the last main game that he made was metal gear 4. I wouldnt call that a lack of enthusiasm. That game was a 10/10.

Only problem is that the game game out 4 years ago. He did make Peace walker as well. I personally wouldnt call that a main entry but it was still a good game. We should wait and see what he delivers to us with his next game. That performance will judge the direction he is going in.

Oh yea and Never Dead Never happened...

nveenio3360d ago

You can't pretend that a bad game doesn't happen just because you like the company that made it. You have to acknowledge that the failure exists. Why? Because it shows that these people are still human. That they can be influenced by money, time and power. And, most importantly, it shows how great their greatest accomplishments truly are.

Don't deny them their great accomplishments. Greatness means nothing if it's created by a god. It means everything if created by a man.

DragonKnight3360d ago

@Omega: The guy has wanted to retire from at least making Metal Gear Solid games for a long time but kept being forced into it. Of course that's gonna bleed over into his personality and life. He wants to do things that he's passionate about but Konami only sees dollar signs and makes him do stuff they want him to do. Until he gets to do something he's passionate about again, he won't put his full self behind a project. It doesn't make him a bad developer, it just makes him tired of the same old crap that this gen has become.

@inveni: Exactly, he is only human and is obviously not happy with his job over at Konami. Plus, since he's VP at Konami (i think that's what his title is now) he of course has to have different focuses than just game development.

Abdou233360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Stop following his Twitter account and you should be fine.

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OmegaSlayer3360d ago

See...I measure the passion, the involvment in other ways.

Ono & Harada have genuine excitement for what they're doing for example.
Jaffe, CliffyB, Casey Hudson, Hideki Kamiya have fun in what they're doing and with the position they occupy.
It's clear in how they promote their stuff.
Seeing that they have fun with what they do makes me feel that the game will be fun, that it's not something they make to sell, but because they're loving doin' it.
Call them vibes if you want.
Some producers give me good vibes, Kojima is not able to give me this kind of good vibes anymore, he gives me the vibes of an annoyed rockstar with his goldplated iPhone, unique creditcard etc...

FunkMacNasty3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Everything Kojima makes contains some sort of sexuality to the characters/environments. He is the king of weird.. then again, as a westerner maybe I'm just not that used to how overtly japanese his games like MGS and ZOE are?

Kahvipannu3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

It's not you, some content he puts out is just.. weird. I still scratch my head when I see the model designs of the robots of ZOE (great games, would deserve sequel), and I have heard many say "the designer of these games has somekind of ass fetish" when they have watched MGS, and playing all of them through multiple times (except 4, oh god never again after seeing that horrible ending for the franchise) I have same toughts... I tought have no problem with it, but I think your absolutelly right, and OGRE will have same line I think.

BiggCMan3360d ago

"(except 4, oh god never again after seeing that horrible ending for the franchise) "

MGS4, bad ending...what?? Dude you're on drugs. Metal Gear Solid 4 had the most incredible ending, what kind of fan are you for thinking it was bad, that's mental.

kaveti66163360d ago

"what kind of fan are you for thinking it was bad"

"Oh my God. He has a mind of his own. Get him!!!"

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Ulf3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Anything bikini seems like a pretty good thing to me. Kojima obviously knows his audience.

killerhog3361d ago

Kojima is overrated, I keep telling people he won't achieve the same success as mgs and zoe. He talks big but he doesn't have much under his belt.

Blacktric3361d ago

His previous masterpieces like Policenauts and Snatcher BEGS to differ. He can make masterpieces if he wants to and if he has the time.

Kahvipannu3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

He had the time with MGS4, but he dropped the ball big time with it. Tought what I have heard he redeemed himself with Peace Walker that is on par with MGS3, so I still have high hopes from him, and I can't wait to play it on my PS3.

Releasing it on PSP only was one of the most stupid things to do.. It's like the new UC for Vita, "hey look, we have new hardcore title that is only for this handhels"... That's nice, now tell me why you could not release it in PSN, I wan't to play it at home, from my couch, with my audio-equipment, and with my tv? Exactly. Exclusivity for the exclusivitys sake, just to justifie one devices existance.. But anyways, it's nice to see PW to come for PS3 too, and I'm very interested seing what OGRE is about.

kingdavid3361d ago

PW is okay but in no way is it on par with mgs 3.

killerhog3361d ago

Oh you mean a game never released outside of Japan, and when its finally going to get a port outside of Japan it got canned? Probably do to low interest? And a game released early 1990's? Like I said he's mostly known for mgs and Zoe aka overrated.

Bimkoblerutso3361d ago

For what it's worth, I agree with you. I have no problem with the fact that some of his games seem to veer more towards the "cinema" category, but I honestly just don't think he's that good a writer.

The original MGS is, ironically, one of my favorite games ever, but it's gotten to the point that his stories are comically melodramatic and convoluted...nevermind the rampant poop jokes and TnA.

...commence the mass disapproval.

Kahvipannu3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Yeah, I loved MGS, and MGS3, both one of my favourite games, but MGS 2 storywise/characters were just bad, and 4... Let's just say it was a joke mostly after promising beginning, playing safe I would say, and one of the worst ending I have seen. Normally I wouldn't care, but it's for the franchise I love, and I waited to see how it ends since I first time finished MGS.. Now I wish I would not had finished the fourth one..-_-

kingdavid3361d ago

I actually thought MGS 2 story was fine, up until that bizarre ending which made no sense. One hour of complete confusion. Kojima completely lost the plot with that.

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