Fake "Pokemon Yellow" iOS App Proves That Nintendo Can Dominate Apple's App Store

Joel Taveras writes, "If you can’t beat em, join em. That’s what the age-old adage says. It’s also what has been on the minds of many (if not all) game industry analys ts in regards to Nintendo spreading their reach and delivering their first-party goods to Apple’s iOS. Over the weekend a fake (and broken) app titled “Pokemon Yellow” somehow made it’s way through Apple’s alleged rigo rous approval process. Not only did it sell well.. but within hours it was standing strongly at the number 2 spot in the entire App Store. The app has since been pulled but onotore how quick and strong of an impact it made."

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ronin4life2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Any profits made initially from any Nintendo ios games wouldn't be enough to counter the loss of buisness that such an act would bring about.
Even retro games on a non nintendo platform would seriously undermine their hardware, which is what Nintendo is all about in the first place.
Nintendo Knows that short term incredible profits are worthless if the actions made to obtain them wil result in damaged or lowerd buisness later on.

Also, those "raised eyebrows" at Nintendo were probably more along the lines of "...Large Cash Settlement?" ^_^;
What are the chances that these guys Don't get sued?

JoelT2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I keep hearing "they make money off the hardware" but you cannot compare that to the kind of profits that digital titles bring in. There's little to no overhead, marketing shipping, or packaging involved.

It's through digital distribution that Microsoft was able to have a record year last year, also the reason why EA saw so much success in their most recent earnings call. We're talking about decade old games here. What exactly would Nintendo be losing out on?

Khordchange2430d ago

simple, because when nintendo makes their own smartphone in 4 to 5 years it will only be on theirs ;) Plus, it devalues your brand. It's no longer a nintendo game. And of course, like you said, they lose 30% of revenue.

What this also proves is that nintendo could put a little mario or pokemon on anything and it would break sales records. It's just how it is, just look at the 3ds before and after mario kart and mario 3d land. It's like night and day. People make fun of them using their franchises over and over again but you know what that does, it creates a strong userbase and name recognition.

Baka-akaB2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Precisely , as long as nintendo got the reputation of having 100% control over their franchise , the platforms they are on , and the quality of the titles , they are ok .

Once that perception change , and it would , should they go that "mainstream" and multiplatform , they'd no longer be as iconic and cashable .

Look at sega , they are for the most part healthy , but is it truly through the force of their icons ? Almost all of their older franchises are dead or far less popular as soon as they became a simple 3rd party publisher .

They mooched of Sonic for a while , but bad rep forced them to even shake things up to break a downward spiral of mediocrity .

majiebeast2429d ago

Anything thats close to a real game can dominate for 99 cents...

dark-hollow2429d ago

Bu bu but I thought angry birds are teh next Mario!

Ddouble2429d ago

Why will they go from making a profit(Usually) on every hardware sold to selling games on IOS which will mean they would lose money from selling less hardware and then lose 30 percent of the revenue to apple.

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