PS Vita: The US/UK launch review - CVG

After living with the PS Vita for months, this is our definitive assessment of Sony's new portable...

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NeloAnjelo3360d ago

" If you're a core gamer with a disposable income, consider picking one up."

Definitely pick one up!

BrunoM3360d ago

Wow it actualy was a good review .. I don't really see good gaming journalism around that much so was thinking I was a it is dooooom one

Well I got my vita on the 15 with 4 games and I'm more than happy and playing it alot ... As long as Sony keep games coming in a good normal pace not rushing games and well releasing months apart just the right flow I will be more than happy ..

So ya posting from my vita lol
Oo and Netflix on the vita's screen Wow

NeloAnjelo3360d ago

I'm picking mine up after work. No midnight launch in Scotland. GUTTED. Hopefully no one pops up to see about about any issues, 'cause I won't be there! I'll be GAMING!

So excited!!

Kurisu3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Just picked mine up! I knew the game cases were going to be small from seeing pictures online, but they are even smaller than I thought! xD

OmegaSaiyanX3360d ago

I dont think I would agree that IF you have disposable income, I know some folk on other forums that have traded in a lot of stuff to get one also even games consoles like their 360's and or PS3's just to get this.

It's definently something worth saving up for as it is a very promising handheld and now with Netflix added to the list even more of a reason to get one!

Play2Win3360d ago

I have a PC but such a PS Vita would be cool! Can you make phone calls with it or surf in the internet?

jay23360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

PMSL, so a console thats majorly under power a year ago (3DS) was £230, people didn't keep saying that was over priced wich it was, and I keep reading £230 is EXPENSIVE, erm NO! The you read other comments, phones free, NO you're on a contract with a 'free phone' and you have that for 18/24 months and pay £100's more than this.

PirateThom3360d ago

When the Vita was announced at the same price as the 3DS, the 3DS became overpriced all of a sudden due to the inferior hardware and the Vita was perfectly priced... then the 3DS dropped in price and now the Vita is overpriced...

I don't, genuinely, understand the mentality.

DigitalRaptor3360d ago

People are, genuinely, stupid. Nothing more needs to be explained!

izumo_lee3360d ago

the problem with gaming jounalists is that they seem to have short term memories about the simplest things. everybody should remember the reaction when sony announced the price for the vita but for some inexplicable reason they do not.