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PetitPiPi3374d ago

Oh hell yeah. Must finish Skyrim before this drops. It's great to own an Xbox!

NYC_Gamer3374d ago

360 only owners forget about all that Bioware garbage and support the Witcher 2 once it releases

Captain Qwark 93374d ago

hmmmm i agree the witcher 2 should be supported, it looks amazing.

and if your talking about the bioware garbage that is DA2 then ill also agree...

however their garbage ends there dude. ME2 wasnt as great as 1 but was still a great game....with that in mind

dragon age origns
dragon age awakening
mass effect 1
mass effect 2
mass effect 3 ( if the demo is an indication of awesome )

ummm......where exactly is the garbage??? becuase DAO and mass effect 1 are two of the best games available still

NYC_Gamer3374d ago

Mass Effect 2 lacked so much compared to the first version.

DA2-shouldn't even have been made.

They might as well remove the term rpg from Mass Effect because the last one seems to be more on the same level as part 2.

The older Bioware titles are their true gems.

Captain Qwark 93374d ago

i agree me2 pales in comparison to the original but i would def say three has just as much rpg roots as the original.

from what i played with the demo, they have the talent trees now, customizable guns, and possibly different armor pieces. i couldn't access the inventory but at the end of the demo i got a pair of greaves. not entirely sure what that means to this particular game but to most that means separate armor pieces.

the first had about that much as well. the only real difference being an inventory menu

josephayal3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

IMO looks better than PC Version to be honest, good news for all X360 owners

Fishy Fingers3374d ago

Bahahahaha... No, Sorry, your entitled to your opinion... Bahahaha


Moncole3374d ago

Get off troll.

YOu have to be blind to think it looks better on xbox

OC_MurphysLaw3374d ago

I have it on pre-order from Amazon. Looks really good.

Lex_Dangerously 3374d ago

Now THIS is truly a game that makes me envious of the other platforms. I guess I'll go back to playing....not.....this.. :/

Lol I'm not bitter or anything. ;)