FIFA Street will convert "last remaining PES players"

The last few Pro Evolution Soccer fans will finally jump ship when FIFA Street hits, EA told MCV.

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afterMoth2853d ago

That's the equivalent of saying Mario Kart is going to convert the last Gran Turismo 5 fans.

Khalids192853d ago

yeah true lol ,fifa,pes two different games even though its one genre

mafiahajeri2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Is that David silva? Pretty tall ay?

"If past years are anything to go by, a UEFA Euro 2012 Championships tie-in will launch in the summer"

The world cup game was great my favourite FIFA game. They had all the countries and they were so accurate not like Konami who actually put countries in the game with wrong colours. I mean come one at least get the jersey colours right.

GraveLord2852d ago

EA is really annoying. Do they always bash the competition like this?