Review: Twisted Metal (XBIGY Games)

XBIGY Games reviews Twisted Metal.

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Cyrax_873361d ago

What a joke of a review. They even think Santa Monica made the game.

BiggCMan3361d ago

Haha wow, i'm not even giving them my time if they really said that.

MySwordIsHeavenly3361d ago

Blocked the site. The only people I know who haven't enjoyed this game are the people who didn't play the which case...they have NO idea how to play the game. Lol.

Hoje03083361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

I didn't do the tutorial, nor have I played any of the previous games and I'm doing just fine. Then again, I didn't start playing games this gen, which means I'm not accustomed to the hand holding that a lot of these so-called gamers expect today. I've seen reviews that complain about the lack of information given about the vehicles, such as their strengths, weaknesses and how best to use them. Just play the damn game, that's how you're supposed to figure these things out. I hate this gen.
By the way, I didn't hand you the disagree.

Hoje03083361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Just read the article and, though the reviewer does have some complaints I agree with myself, the poor grammar and the fact that he obviously failed to proofread before he posted definitely takes away some credibility. Overall, a poor review and I suspect the phantom disagrees are coming from someone affiliated with the site, if not the reviewer himself. If you could call him that.
Edit: The submitter has submitted plenty of other reviews from the same site. Pretty sure where those disagrees keep coming from. What a douche.

Tommy3343361d ago


This is why I dont listen/read reviews.

Der_Kommandant3361d ago

i have never facepalmed so hard in my life.

fatboyfsx3361d ago

They didn't even review the multiplayer part of the game other than mentioning it has splitscreen?

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