PlayStation Vita Launch Event Recap (NGN)

NGN: "This past Friday, I found myself in a taxi weaving through a suburban area of Toronto's centre to 99 Sudbury Avenue. Convinced I was in the wrong place, I checked with the driver and he allayed my fears when we rolled up outside the building where Sony's PS Vita launch was taking place.

Standing outside in what passes for 'good' weather in Toronto I reflected on the relatively low-key nature of the Vita's launch, and why the public have not heard as much about the console as those more ingratiated in the tech world."

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Dante1123361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Nvm, I thought he was talking about a launch that you buy the Vita from. Looks like this was just a event to show off the Vita to the people. The summary above threw me off.

"Entering the building of the press focused event, I was greeted by the smell of fresh paint, the interior blanketed in white presumably to reflect the Vita's name and convey the virginal aesthetic that this was a new beginning for not only the Vita, but also handheld gaming.

After checking in, I made my way into the main floor, an open plan room with a giant Vita on a stand rolling through interviews and impressive gameplay footage while projectors threw PlayStation logos onto the room's walls."

Edit: Yeah, and I just noticed that this article is from the 20th, my bad.