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Pocket Gamer's Peter Willington writes: "If you dipped into the previous BlazBlue outings on PSP or 3DS and didn't gel with them, there isn't anything here to change your mind. But if you're a fan of BlazBlue's showy, combo-heavy combat then the increased fidelity of the visuals, Unlimited Mars mode, and adequate online features are enough to justify a purchase on Vita."

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LX-General-Kaos3361d ago

I hope vita players support this game. These are some devs that we would like to keep around in our best interest.

DaveyB3361d ago

Can't wait for this! Had a look at my mates import version - and it look amazing - head and shoulders above Marvel vs Capcom in my opinion.

I'd forgotten just how beautiful sprite-based 2D fighter can look.