FIFA Launches On PlayStation Vita

EA has released it's first 'true HD console experience' on a handheld console with the launch of FIFA Soccer on the PlayStation Vita in North America.

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trixnine3365d ago

your too quick for me :p

lugia 40003365d ago

I was going to buy this but it only looks like a complete copy paste of fifa 12 for the consoles, with some features missing. And for 50$, hell no.

theEx1Le3365d ago

From reviews it seems like its a copy and paste of fifa 11. Not a problem as it is still the best portable experience, perhaps not a full price though.

TomInc3365d ago

I'm not too sure about this.. I always liked sitting around the console with a few beers playing mates on the same screen.

yen8883364d ago

I know what you mean - it's definitely a social game - maybe if they introduced cross-platform play? Then you could play your mates on the PS3 at the same time.

TomInc3364d ago

That would be pretty awesome!