London riots: PSP student mugger faces "long prison sentence"

The Malaysian student who was brutally assaulted before having his PSP stolen during last summer's London riots will see justice done.

17-year-old Londoner Beau Isagba, who broke Ashraf Rossli's jaw and stole his bicycle, will go to jail.

Isagba's brutal assault on Rossli, 20, left him bleeding and dazed.

After the attack, a gang posing as Good Samaritans rifled through Rossli's bag, stealing his PlayStation Portable.

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Snookies123371d ago

Haha! Thought you were saying good to the person that got attacked at first. o_o

I agree though, threw 'em in for a long long time... :D

thehusbo3371d ago

Good. Hope that scumbag rots in there.

Fishy Fingers3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

Well yeah, of course they're making examples of anyone caught participating in the riots. Usually, slap on the wrist unless your a repeat offender.

BlmThug3371d ago

So just because a PSP was stolen, this makes it gaming news? Im glad the guy got a long sentence, I just dont think its suitable for N4G

Jourdy2883371d ago

That poor dude, he got beaten by one group and robbed by another =/
Ah well, at least there's some justice being served here.

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