Amazon drops 12-Month Xbox LIVE Gold Card to $36 in deal match

XMNR: As gamers we love the intense competition between retailers for our gaming dollars. For example, Amazon put the 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold Card on sale for $40 this past Sunday but has just dropped the price another $4 to match a deal that Newegg started on Tuesday.

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honkyjesus3362d ago

It was $36 just a couple weeks ago.

That being said, this makes me happy cause I have a twenty dollar credit with Amazon and my Gold ran out a week ago.

BattleTorn3362d ago


How can this be considered good/bad through different eyes?

PetitPiPi3362d ago

That's what the Playstation is for. Free online gaming. Enjoy!

bahabeast3362d ago

if i still had my 360 i would totally get this, but im multiplaying for free some how. :D