MMORPG - Guild Wars 2: The closed beta preview

MMORPG writes: "Guild Wars 2’s first Closed Beta event has just come to a close. What follows may seem like a crazy fanboy crush to most of you. But nearly thirty hours in three days playing a game might do that to a person. We knew a few weeks in advance that we’d be getting in to play, and like a good nerd I put everything else on hold so I could have the most possible time to explore ArenaNet’s latest game. What ended up happening is that I started myself down a very dark path of obsession, addiction, and flamethrower usage from which I may never return (I might be exaggerating, but seriously, it’s very fun)."

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bwazy3364d ago

If souls actually existed, you can bet that I'd trade mine for this game right now.... Been waiting YEARS D:

Gonna be so so so fantastic.

evolution543364d ago

I remember playing the original Guild Wars and actually got it on day one, something I rarely do for any video game. It was highly addicting. I also loved it because it was free and there was something for everyone. I hated PVP so I stuck solely with PVE.

Not exaggerating but I was one of the best pure healing monks you could ask for! My in game name was KYUZO. I missed them Fissure of Woe days and I actually got my FOW Armor set.

Anyways, I haven't touch a Guild Wars since the expansions starting coming out. I might just have to get back into it with Guild Wars 2. Some people thought I was crazy for only playing a pure healer character (no action) but I thought it was one of the most rewarding experiences ever.