Fable III DLC is your Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week

XMNR: If you're still adventuring in the world of Albion, you may want to take a look at the new Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week that began on Tuesday as Fable III downloadable content is on sale for up to 45% off. An avatar item and a premium theme are also on sale for half off their regular price.

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SaffronCurse3360d ago

Ugh...This game...THIS FU***** GAME! FUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

Kal8533360d ago

That was basically my experience with the game as well. I loved Fable 1 and 2, but this was just crap.

decrypt3360d ago Show
baodeus3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

It is a pretty funny game....why so mad? Don't take it seriously and you might see it more enjoyable.

taco_tom2373360d ago

is this game worth buying?

baodeus3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

If you have played 1 and 2, you might like it. Given there are a couple of negatives:

1. remove the gun aiming mechanic (WTF)
2. sword play is still useless/crap as ever
3. crappy magic combination mechanic
4. tedious weapon customization (ex: kill 100 skeleton + 50 hobes yadiyadiya, etc....) what a waste of time.
3. more focus on side quests than the main story
4. removal of interaction wheels (wtf)
5. crappy hand holding mechanic (It is in no way similar to ICO or even consider in the same level to what ICO have achieved with it. Another bright idea down the toilet PETER)
6. everything you do doesn't seems to matter much or at all.
7. fixing your dam property (INDIVIDUALLY) like every 5 mins. On the bright side, if you own pretty much everything, you will get tones of hrs of micromanagement gameplays (if you are into that sort of things).
8. less variety of enemies/adversary

1. you not stuck with your coop partner anymore. It is like they never there...:)
2. Scenery are just plain beautiful, atmospheric, and huge. You can just run around looking at it all days (where most of my gameplay hrs going into...)
3. Insane amount of hidden secrets or places to explore. Really well hidden infact which requires severe research on guides(gamefaqs).
4. enemies are actually pretty hard in numbers, but it doesn't really matter since you can't die. The scar that you gets actually looks cool when you glow.
4. Did I mention scenery?

If you just like an adventure game fill with exploration, very unique NPC interaction, beautiful scenery, witty/unique/original/funny side quests, finding treasures, micromanagement, etc....Fable 3 is for you.

again, don't take it too seriously and you might enjoy it.

IM_KINECTED3360d ago

I really liked some aspects of Fable 3, but I didn't like some of the things they took out from the previous Fable game. I enjoyed how you could manage your properties from anywhere and I liked the combat overall. I think the game was just a bit rushed and so it wasn't as deep or good as Fable 1 or 2. I still enjoyed it as a fan of the series though, since you can get the game cheap now, it's worth picking up and playing through it.

jarrod19813360d ago

i was so stoked about this game when i saw the trailer with the chicken. but even though i finished it and had some fun i was seriously disappointed. dont have any desire for dlc. even if it was free i wouldnt go back to play it.

MasterD9193360d ago

I enjoyed Fable II too much to even pop in Fable III with all of the negative things I keep hearing about it.