Fight! PS Vita v 3DS v iPhone 4S

We throw the Vita into a pit with the 3DS and iPhone and see who comes out on top. FYI, the spikes at the bottom of the pit are named Games, Processing Power, Connectivity, Controls, Price and Portability.

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browngamer413365d ago

3ds is home to alot of shovel ware rubbish? Thats news to me..

firefoxprime3364d ago

The rules:

No buttons = Automatic Disqualification.


guitar_nerd_233364d ago

Well said.

I was on my lunch yestday and my mate goes;

"Are you any good at Tony Hawks I can't get past this competition?" Having been a mega fan of the series through last gen I told him, "I can kick some serious arse on that game."

Then he handed me an iPhone running Tony Hawks 2.

"Err, no- I doubt I can win with those controls"

I got an average score of 66 and my best combo was like 15,000- pathetic! On screen buttons are the most hideous of gaming 'inovations'

THC CELL3364d ago

God are people thick Steve jobs hated gaming. The psv is not a phone, if Sony wanted a phone on psv they could do.. Gaming media are just to dumb today

MaxXAttaxX3364d ago

They compared the 3 based on what the iPhone can do.
They didn't compare them as gaming machines.

At the very end he says:
""If you're after true console gaming on the go, though, the Vita or 3DS are a better bet, with the best games far exceeding what is available on Apple's device.""

YET they gave the "wins" to the iPhone because there are new (mediocre)ones released "everyday"?

Ares84HU3364d ago

I could go along with a PSVita Vs. 3DS but where did the iPhone come into the equation???

The iPhone is a damn phone...that's it. It's not a gaming device. There are phone games on it, casual games that you play for a few seconds while you wait in a dentist office and got nothing to read.

As firefoxprime put it, "No buttons = Automatic Disqualification."

You need buttons to play games properly.

The Vita has two analog sticks...and I've been waiting for a handheld like this since handhelds are around. Now it's here, there is no question in my mind about the clear winner.

And did they actually compare the quality of games at all??? Because the iphone is full of shit games....ask anyone to name one good iphone game and all they will say is AngryBirds....which is...well pretty week.

Nitrowolf23364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )


This site keeps saying Iphone 3G/4G stuff.

well since they keep saying such they should use to correct pricing then.

Bare price of each of three: (In USA)
3DS: 169.99
PS Vita: 249.99 and 299.99
Iphone: 16GB (gonna stop here): $649.99 according to (don't forget you need a plan still, even if it's not under a contract)

Iphone with a 2 year contract: $199.99
with a plan: taking the cheapest plan i could find under individual you get 450 Min of talk for $59.99 PLUS the data plan which cheapest is 2GB for $30

The monthly estimate according to Verizon for these cheapest selection is $89.99

take that and times by 24 (months of contract)+ 199 for iphone price and you get a grand total of


There leading argue meant here is that you can get more games for cheap.
I don't think there are that many huge Iphone titles, but they are cheap. That price above adds up eventually, but say you don't buy any games under a 2 year contract at all we will keep that 2 year total as out budget for both PS Vita and 3DS

2358 - 170 (3ds) then / by average cost of game (say $50) = roughly 43 games for the 3DS
for PS Vita and cheapest model: 42 games

So in reality the 3DS is still the cheapest, but when comparing to a two year terms of a budget of $2358 - console pricing, both PS V and 3DS are getting as equal amount of games if all games were price at $50.
Kind of surprising lol

hellvaguy3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

While not nearly as good of controls as the Vita or 3ds have included, there are some decent 3rd party controller options for touch screens.

morganfell3363d ago

If people are as fed up as I am do something about it. Go up to the top of the page and under Read full story click on the link that says

and give that website the rating it deserves.

Rageanitus3363d ago

The sony h8rs love to bring up the idea that iphone/android has "real" games but most of these games are classfieid as time wasters and dont last more than 15 minutes

Spydiggity3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

so many immature people on n4g. wow

no buttons means it's not a game? who made up that idiotic rule?

not to mention that iphone/droid games cost anywhere from 0-5 dollars while most vita games cost around 40 (i believe uncharted is 50 in the us).

sure vita is the more powerful device, but it doesn't really have many good games yet. and for the cost of just ONE Vita game, you can get a dozen iphone games (or more). many of which provide more than just "a few minutes" of entertainment. and by the time 2013 rolls around, smart phones graphics will match (or surpass) vita. i think games like Infinity Blade and Rage prove that they're on the way.

EDIT: Disagrees on this site are 100% expected, so let em fly. too much SDF on here to not expect it. pretty sad.

and look at Shadowgun! and these others.

dredgewalker3363d ago

Keep dreaming Spydiggity, I find it more idiotic that you consider the Iphone a game machine on par with the 3DS and Vita. Oh and I do have an Ipod Touch and have access to Iphones and Ipads at home and I can only say it's really a casual experience that won't satisfy my gaming needs. It only took one game on the Vita to trash the entire Iphone game library, and a lot of games aren't out for it yet which says a lot for this portable console.

Diver3363d ago


ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah a. did you jus mention shadowgun? with all the iphones out there do you know why that game isnt the talk of the town? it isnt any good. it looks good for a phone game but there is a reason it didnt score great. it plays like crap. the game ius great for iphone sales because youll get so frustrated you throw your damn phone against the wall. you get stuck in scenery and have to crash the game. thanks for showing us you never played the game. "oh it looks good." so what? there are plenty of good looking games that are crap.

did you try to run from enemies in that game? now you see why touch pad controls alone jus blow. an youve also showed us you cant defend phone games. you did more to discredit your own comments by posting up that stuff than anyone.

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matey3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

didnt read it but if there starting that shovel ware nonsence they might want to look at Vita as the 3ds has sequels

Kingdom hearts DDD/yes its a sequel that leads up to KH3 WiiU

MH4/the sequel to MH3 wii

MK7/sequel to MKWii

Luigis mansion 2/sequel to Luigis M gamecube

Then you have Hero's of ruin/the new screens on look insane go check them out the game has voice chat/co-op/dlc the lot in drop dead gorgeous graphics.

The Vita has lost 90% of all the big games that were in development to 3DS this is news from japan the major developers have moved to 3DS theres now 200 3ds games in development.

Vita isnt portable its too big and its too expensive considering the games are not even HD or 3D and 3rd party support is weak,plus the graphics on 3rd part vita games are not hitting that heros of ruin/kingdom hearts/MH3G/MH4/RE Revelations level yes they are all 3rd party 3ds games Vita will fail no matter how much N4G try to dress it up £220/£270 isnt worth it.

Dakidog3364d ago

I hope Nintendo pays you for this lol.

You have some good lies there./s

sonic9893364d ago

haahaaaa vita vita vita wont change my mind

sonic9893364d ago

sorry i was just angry but seriously i like powerful hardware plus quality games if we said nintendo can provide good games but the hardware su** big time so
its all sony since they have great games and cool powerful hardware
its my opinion in the end XD

Ser3363d ago

The PS Vita is getting a Monster Hunter title.


I've played / owned both the PS Vita (Own it now) and the 3DS, (Sold it for the Vita) and just from today I've had way more fun messing with my Vita.

The 3DS is a DS with 3D capabilities...thanks, but no thanks. I'll take the Vita.

geddesmond3359d ago

Fool the 3DS and the Vita are roughly the same size. The vita is only slightly longer by about 2 centimeters. If a 2 centimeter difference determines whats a portable and what isn't then your a fool. Also the 3D on the 3DS is crap and if I said to you that the PS3 has 3D and the Wii doesn't you would ignore that fact. The graphics on the PSV are better so what do you mean they are not even HD lol.

Lol you really should step up your troll game

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sikbeta3363d ago

Iphone wins.... Flawless Victory... lol

trancefreak3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Got my vita today. Scored all my extras from the local best buy set it up and haven't played it as my kids over ruled dad. Guess I should of bought 2

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DarkSniper3365d ago

In comparison, Dark Sniper truly feels that both Nintendo 3DS and Apple Iphone 4 falls short to the PlayStation® Vita not just in terms of games and features, but the overall package itself.

While Nintendo continues to flood the audience with the same 5 exclusives that has been around since N64, PS Vita continues to push new grounds with technological achievements that were not even heard of until now. With features such as NEAR, xross game voice chat and an intuitive touch screen function, PS Vita is truly changing the way we play at a breakneck pace.

Apple is a great service when it comes to mobile phone devices. But when it comes to the gaming media itself, they cannot hold a candle to the unlimited library of PlayStation exclusives that will only be found on the Vita.

The next generation of handhelds is finally here. If Dark Sniper was a betting man, he knows who he would put his money on.


dark-hollow3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Well, dark-hollow totally disagree with you

The Ds® had a lot of third party support,
And besides, if Nintendo® franchises are still delivering then am more than happy if Nintendo "flood" us with it.

And hardware is not everything.
Just like how gameboy color® won against the "superior" Sega game gear.

I think dark sniper should stop being close minded.

Oh, and stop using "®" and talking to yourself in third person. It's stupid.

LX-General-Kaos3364d ago

why are you so upset with the way he talks? You should be thankful that there is some character on this site instead of the same ol stale haters we see day by day.

dark-hollow3364d ago

Lol character? Is this is a f**king show or a gaming site?

Duurr I R captain marshmallow© and he don't like Nintendo games® because he think its for kids.

fear883364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

I just have to say that Dark Hollow is a character. You have single handily made this comment section into a show by being an ass instead of being mature and level headed with your rebuttal.

I disagree with everything DarkSniper said because it is obviously false and many of the "innovations" Sony did bring where present in other devices. But the complete package housing everything is a considerable revolution compared to what is out there on the market.

Its truest innovation is the developer freedom and flexibility it brings as a platform with a full set of gaming input (touch, camera, motion, buttons, analog sticks), raw processing power and ram, and a (proper) online infrastructure for social gaming and digital distribution.

Vita as a whole package is the true innovation and the parts it brings to make it the complete sum is not.

gnb20033364d ago

In all fairness, dark-hollow probably should have acted a bit more mature. However, did either of you two bother to read the original post by sniper? He takes some obviously untrue potshots at Nintendo, and all you do is bag the guy that calls him on it?

I am not condoning the way dark-hollow acted, but seriously...really...

I like the Vita, and think it is a great piece of tech, but do you really have to insult the competition to make it look better?

LX-General-Kaos3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I am a nintendo fan and support them completely. BUT snipers post is entertaining either way you look at it. No need to be bent out of shape with a post that is obviously untrue.

To add insult to injury. There are alot of people that are actually agreeing with what sniper said. I wonder why... Its clear that the Nintendo 3DS is a dominating force regardless of the things that sniper has said.

ndl15313363d ago

so why not have both? im currently playing re.revelations on my 3ds but im dying to get my hands on the psvita. i have always loved handhelds and its always been nintendo for me but then i got a psp for god of war and never looked back . they both offer diffrent experiences and its always going to be both for me . so whos the winner here? well the way i see it its me being able to look past fanboy bull$hit and enjoying both sides of what these great handhelds have to offer . really f*cked up gen we have that people deprive themselves of wonderful gaming experiences such as the psvita because their fanboy goggles are strapped on soo tight that they cant see past their brand of choice . how sad and pathetic fanboys are .

thereapersson3363d ago

Dark Sniper is the last of a type of poster on N4G that is not seen in this day and age. There used to be a ton of people like him a few years ago, but alas, this site as changed so much.

You would understand why he posts that way if you've been around as long as I have.

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LX-General-Kaos3365d ago

This is a pointless battle. I will continue to play my award winning record breaking Nintendo 3DS. But there will be great joy to be found on every hand held device. So there really is no reason to battle it out.

gtxgamer23364d ago

Where did you hear "award winning record breaking"? Personally opinions do not count.

LX-General-Kaos3364d ago

So the 3DS didnt win any awards or break any sales records? Maybe im just crazy.. sorry for the trouble

Shok3364d ago

The 3DS is the fastest selling handheld ever. That's what he's talking about.

Muffins12233363d ago

Almost every elementary school kid has a will not see a kid with a iphone 4s or psp vita oled screen 300 dollar device......

3365d ago
Jirachi3365d ago

catergory 1.wrong 3ds have way better games then iphone it should matter if they're digital or not the best games on iphone are nothing compared to titles like uncharted or tales of the abyss
2.ok this they got right one cares if they can connect their system to facebook... 4.I see as a tie between vita and 3ds both have pros and cons
5.price ok iphone wins here but the games are what really matters so...
6.Ok iphone wins here but sacrificing buttons to make it more portable,no thanks...

Nitrowolf23364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

see my comment above on pricing