Team Ninja: "Development teams that can’t adapt to change only wither and die away."

PlayStation Universe has a small interview with Team Ninja lead Yosuke Hayashi about Ninja Gaiden 3.

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Yi-Long3374d ago

... while most Ninja Gaiden fans wished they would have stayed much closer to Ninja Gaiden Black, instead of the direction they have taken with Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma and 3!

Captain Qwark 93374d ago

i dont mind the direction their taking with the new one myself. i love ng, buy them every time a new one is released. still by far the best combat of any 3rd person action game imo. personally im liking how their adding some variety and an actual story to the game, should be fun and be a nice change for the series. and worst case scenario, if it doesnt work, go back to the old way. its that simple.

otherZinc3374d ago

If! Traditional Ninja Gaiden Play Is:

If not, I'm going to badger Team Ninja at every turn.

Ninja Gaiden is one of the most fluid games of "All Times"!

To ruin it with some [email protected] QTE's is ridiculous & NOT Ninja Gaiden!

I must have a demo or try before I buy, to ensure I'm paying $60 for Ninja Gaiden, not some BS!

Anon19743374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

I'd rather a QTE then sitting passive during a cutscene. QTE are excellent for telling story via cutscenes, or having a player participate in an event that just didn't fit inside the scope of the game's regular gameplay. To pull off some of these QTE events I've seen over the years in the game you'd have to program an entirely separate game just for specific sequences. Of course that's not practical for developers and I think QTE's are a nice trade off compared to simply sitting through cutscenes.
Of course they can be overused. There needs to be a balance depending on the type of game.

Hufandpuf3374d ago

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. And its funny, im a ninja gaiden fan but I think ng3 should've released two years ago.

Tanir3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

except that they would have had to been working on it 2 years earlier for that 2 happen lol. hard to make sense huh.

the latest trailer of the game restored my faith, there QTE's arent as bad as i thought they were gonna be. it looks really fun. Not a massive jump from NG2 but still looks fun as hell

and to the ones complaining about health regen. everyone complained when NG2 had regen announced and they complained yet it didnt ruin it at all. actually it was semi needed.

Hufandpuf3374d ago

I'm not complaining about the game at all, I just think that it hasn't advanced enough to warrant the "we are constantly improving speech". I do like the direction Dead or Alive is going though.

Dark113374d ago

NG 1&2 looks the same .. that is why i'm so happy that NG3 is taking a new direction.

Captain Qwark 93374d ago

well, i hope this is bullsh*t but if its not, but other than that it looks great

LX-General-Kaos3374d ago

Team Ninja is about to bless us with two amazing games in the near future (that I know of). NG3 and DOA5 will likely be great AAA titles that every gamer should give a chance.

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