Violent games are against the "spirit of gaming", says Trackmania Dev

Trackmania developer Nadeo don't believe that violent games are in keeping with the "spirit" of gaming, they said to Strategy Informer in an interview.

Managing Director Florent Castelnérac made a point of highlighting how their new FPS create & play title, Shootmania, is not a 'violent' game. When asked about this, he said...

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3374d ago
dennett3163374d ago

What absolute crap. He talks about it being a problem if there are only violent games...that's never, and will never happen, the industry has never been that narrowly focused.

Against the spirit of gaming...what twaddle. He's making an FPS, shooting enemies is violence, no matter the reason, it's the whole point of the genre. He's either a hypocrite or an idiot.

LightofDarkness3374d ago

Out of context, guys. He didn't say violence was conflicting with the spirit of gaming, he believes divisive themes like terrorism vs. counter-terrorism and warzones straight from CNN are unhealthy, and only because they seem to be the ONLY games being made (as shooters).

Plus, he says violent games are fine, the problem only arises when they're seemingly the only thing on tap.

dennett3163374d ago

But they are not the only thing on tap, and never have been. In short, what he's flapping his gums about is entirely pointless and meaningless.

LightofDarkness3374d ago

I'm not saying I agree with him, I'm just saying that he didn't say what the headline would imply.

That said, of course violent shooters are popular, especially if that's what's on TV and in movies all day long. It's a typical hero/power fantasy. Every boy, big or small, wants to be a John McClane, or an SAS specialist, or a cowboy.

Moreover, it's been a competitive way to play since before this studio was likely founded. Competition, especially fierce competition, thrives on violent impulse and aggression. If their game is competitive multiplayer, then it will be violent. It doesn't matter if the bad guys spray rainbows all over the walls when you shoot them, what matters is that you shoot them to win.

Montrealien3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

dennett316, that is exactly what he said in the article, did you even read it? All he said was that IF that becomes the only thing on tap, it is an issue.

You should look at your comment history, most of it is just you flapping your gums about things you think are pointless. Oxymoron much? You clearly just read headlines and comments some pent up teenage rage, very productive there champ.

Captain Qwark 93374d ago

for starters gaming is not about linking people together from different nations. gaming is about providing fun and entertainment. social aspects are just one of the many ways it can do this. violent games have a place as do other nonviolent games. and whether all games were violent or not is irrelevant, it still doesn't go against the spirit of gaming so long as those playing are enjoying themselves. some people say the stupidest things.

Psychotica3374d ago

Violent games are not against the spirit of gaming any more than violent movies are against the spirit of movies. It's about being entertained and a way to forget about life's real problems for awhile.

Montrealien3374d ago

read articles not headlines.

Psychotica3374d ago

Not if you commenting about the headline (And I did read the article).