In-depth Review: Asura’s Wrath - Electronic Theatre

Since its announcement in 2010, Asura’s Wrath has been billed as an action-packed experience. A fast-paced, high-octane experience packaged with a healthy dose of beatdowns. A brutal rampage through mythological beings as your very angry virtual persona tells a tale of cruel vengeance. These assurances are accurate in that such violence is a part of Asura’s Wrath, but in reality it’s only half the story.

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I so can't wait to get home and get it in on this game! There is so much hitting PSN tonight, Vita tomorrow and I still have to unwrap Darkness 2...damn my schedule is crazy busy lol

mathsman3360d ago

All of those other things you mentioned? Yeah, any of them - ANY - instead of Asura's Wrath!