Vote at MSNBC: Which game deserves the crown in 2007?

MSNBC video game section has been polling gamers about their favorite games in a number of categories, trying to narrow down the search for the Game of the Year.

On Thursday the site put up the poll to decide which of the finalists, culled from the best of each genre, should be named the game of the year.

The finalists are:
• Madden NFL 08
• Project Gotham Racing 4
• Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
• LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
• Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
• The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
• Mass Effect
• Bioshock
• Call of Duty 4

At the time of this writing Call of Duty 4 was leading with 31 percent of the vote. BioShock was close behind with 22 percent and Mass Effect was in a distant third with 8.6 percent.

[ Words: Kotaku's Brian Crecente ]

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TexasJock664730d ago

Let me guess how long it will be before PS3 fanboys start accusing MSNBC of being Xbots since there aren't any PS3 exclusive titles in this list...

ktchong4730d ago

Those titles are not MSNBC's or the editors' pick. They were voted in by the readers.

Ratchet & Clank Future, Uncharted and other PS3 exclusives were in the first round... obviously they didn't get enough votes to make to the final round.

Real Gambler4730d ago

So sure enough, even if there was a first round of votes, it's not like there was thousands and thousands of PS3 fans reading this site...

But, I have to admit that I'm amazed that a few Wii exclusive titles made the list... I guess it's those Wii60 guys : )

resistance1004730d ago

How on earth did Big Brain acadamy and Madden NFL 08 get on that list when the likes of Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Metriod prime and the orange box didn't

ktchong4730d ago

YOU may not like those games, but apparently there are thousands of people out there who do and voted for them.

As many as PS3 fanboys we have in here and forums, you are still really in the minority when you go out into the bigger gaming population.

Fanboy Slaughter4729d ago

Stick to what you're good at round peg....just keep spending 24 hours a day submitting those stories...while the rest of us go to our jobs and lives ands such.

MK_Red4730d ago

WTF are Brain Academy, PGR4 and Lego Star Wars doing there?

At least 2 of 2007's best games have highest number votes so far (COD4 and BioShock). Wish ME had more and also, AC was there.

cartman3134730d ago

They picked what they thought to be the best games of 2007 from each genre.

* Best sports games of 2007
* Best racing games of 2007
* Best casual games of 2007
* Best family games of 2007
* Best music games of 2007
* Best handheld games of 2007
* Best role-playing games of 2007
* Best action-adventure games of 2007
* Best shooters of 2007

So that's why Lego's and stuff is on there. Sadly, the only game on that list that I have played is Guitar Hero III. I'm think about buying COD4 today.

Silvanos4730d ago

Nice to see Halo off the list.

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