SSX Demo Gameplay Whitehorn Mountain (HD 1080p)

@Ve3tro: "The SSX demo is now available on Xbox Live and we’ve recorded the Whitehorn Mountain level."

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Surfaced3365d ago

Did you see that chained uber-grind through all those tunnels n shit?!!

karlowma3365d ago

So sick! Been waiting TOO long for a new SSX!

lugia 40003365d ago

Damn that is excellent, i must try this demo. Shame its not on PC. My dream game would be this but with frostbite 2 engine on PC it would look beautiful.

stevenhiggster3365d ago

I'm sorry but that looked like utter... awesomeness! Oh how I've missed SSX, and this looks brilliant.

rayzorn3365d ago

wow was kinda scared when they first anonced ssx again. it seemed like they where changing everything.

im so happy i was wronge. the last few things videos and articles i have watched and read about it seem awsome.

my 1 and only complaint is no split screen. my 8 year old nephew loves these games we play them on a ps2 still at his house split screen. so know when he comes over to play on my ps3 we will have to switch.

rdgneoz33364d ago

Yah, that's my same one and only complaint. Use to play it all the time on the PS2 with a friend of mine. Sad that we'll have to switch off instead of racing down the mountains while seeing who can pull off the bigger stunts and come in first.

As for the video, the ending was very nice. The beginning was a little eh as they missed a bunch of chances to pull off some stunts and get some boost.