USA Today Review: PlayStation Vita a handheld gaming beast

Sony's fortunes with portable gaming devices have been rocky, to say the least.

The 2005 launch of the PlayStation Portable was followed by an anemic games lineup, eventual sales thrashings by the rival Nintendo DS and a trip to obscurity thanks to an army of game-friendly smartphones and tablets.

However, it seems Sony has learned a few lessons with the arrival of the PlayStation Vita, a dazzling device that should please nearly any avid video game player.

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remanutd552483d ago

this is what i wanted my psp to be : A true playstation portable experience .
uncharted golden abyss is like playing uncharted on ps3 , same experience , period.
wipeout 2048 online campaign and cross platform play run smoothly
games downloads are fast , really fast
multitasking is great , up to 5 apps at the same time and going back to your game in no time not like the ps3 with loading icons for everything lol
psn in the palm of your hands ( trophies , messages , cross game chat , store , cross platform text chat )
Near ( oh man how im loving this app )
and this is only the beginning , i think things could get even better with time lol

Colwyn2483d ago

I actually think the ps vita is a beauty

darthv722483d ago

the PSP is a true playstation portable experience. It just happens to be between PS1 and 2 when people are wanting 3. That is where the Vita comes in.

remanutd552483d ago

yea i think you could be right

DarkSniper2483d ago

Dark Sniper is glad to see that USA Today has great taste when it comes to portable electronics.

PlayStation® Vita is taking the nation by storm with its undeniable versatility and futuristic interface and content. Dark Sniper was fortunate enough to spend somevtime with the Vita and he was more than impressed. With both 3G and Wi-fi capabilities, PS Vita gives you the adaptability to enjoy PlayStation®3 gaming from anywhere across the globe.

Dark Sniper could'nt wait to give his money to Sony as they have done a remarkable job in remaining the leader in consumer electronics.


Ser2483d ago

LOL, I think it's awesome and yet weird how DarkSniper addresses himself in the third-person.

On topic: Not that I care much about what USA Today has to say about the Vita, but I am happy with all of the high marks the system's been getting. Good read. Can't wait to pick mine up tomorrow.

MariaHelFutura2483d ago

I hate scoring systems out of 4.

nikoado2483d ago


I give your comment a score of 4/4...


Octo12483d ago

I've had it since the 15th and the only gripe on the vita is the Wifi disconnecting when its not needed. I wish they would have put an option to have it on at all times :D

Dno2483d ago

it only does that when you can not use it anyway. If your in a single player game theres no need to have it on. When u go back to home it reconnects when you need it.

THis is dont only to save battery life. Its already pretty short it would be even shorter without this.

one2thr2483d ago

That's an awesome feature, I never knew it did that :)
Tomorrow needs to hurry its ass up lol

kurochi2483d ago

the Vita is so tempting... but I've got so much back-logged games that it doesn't make financial sense to spend $300+ to get another gaming system when I can't even find time to finish my existing games on the systems I own..... Guess I'll have to wait awhile for the price to drop a little and justify the purchase of the Vita.

MariaHelFutura2483d ago

I'm gonna try to wait until June for LBP.

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