Spec Ops: The Line Release Date Announced

2K Games has today announced the official release date on the long awaited Spec Ops: The Line. Currently in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, Spec Ops: The Line will launch simultaneously on all three formats this summer.

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jaymart2k3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

I remember playing the Beta in 2010. Wow was that a horrible game.

Hopefully they made huge improvements.

XboxInnovation3368d ago

You know a game sucks when they copy the cover of BF3 and MW2. No originality, just trying for a quick cash-in

vallencer3368d ago

By that logic battlefield bad company 2 and battlefield 3 would have sucked because it copied the call of duty covers. Just cause it has the same type of cover doesn't mean the game isn't original. Watch gameplay videos instead of judging it by its cover.

wallis3368d ago

Not really. This actually looks like a far more interesting take on the concept of war. Call of Duty quickly dropped any pretense of communicating a legitimate message of war post-cod4 and just became a glorification of war. This however looks at war in the same vein as apocalypse now and full metal jacket. The game also boasts a unique location, this time you're not shooting terrorists, mexicans or russians and it actually looks really cool.

Believe it or not the devs have nothng to do with the cover art. That's the publisher who will always aim to please the largest audience. So don't blame the game for the cover art blame pricks like yourself who can't stop relating everything to CoD.

mafiahajeri3368d ago

Terrorists? What are they a country now? There are Russian, American and all other kinds of terrorists weird you putting them together like that.

Legionaire20053368d ago

BF3 had the same cover since Battlefield Bad Company 2 and MW3 changes ever now and then. Spec Ops The Line looks different, and it will blow the water out of any of these games storyline.

BattleTorn3368d ago

Day 1 buy for me.

Every once in a while, a game comes along and despite whatever anyone else says, you just know it's going to be your "type" of game.

For some reason, from what footage I've seen, it has "me" written all over it.

Can't wait!

Kran3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Feels like a lifetime ago when I was testing a multiplayer demo in 2010 o.O