The (Anti-Guinness) Top Ten Videogame Endings Of All Time responds to the Guinness Book Of World Records' recent mistakes with a list of their very own.

Dealspwn writes: "Metal Gear Solid's endgame begins with the realisation that you've been played for a fool. Your old mentor is dead, murdered by your sadistic clone brother, who's duped you into powering up Metal Gear Rex for him. The feeling of helplessness and embarassment is almost too difficult to bear... but quickly overshadowed by an enormous boss fight against the titanic mech, a tense fist fight atop its smouldering wreckage and a desperate flight out of Shadow Moses' exploding carcass as it collapses around you.

But it's the emotional impact that elevates Kojima's masterpiece to the top of this list."

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FuzzyPixels3374d ago

Probably got to be Ocarina for me on reflection. Brilliant double boss fight, ultimate satisfaction at completing the game, and the story is wrapped up perfectly with an understated, touching scene that brings everything full circle.

specialguest3374d ago

FF7 ending was great, but it left me wondering what that quick flash of Aeris was all about. I actually enjoyed FF8's ending more, because it was a "feel-good" type of ending where everyone lived happily ever after.

On the opposite side as far as bad endings, video games from the 80's had tons of them. You would spend all of that frustrating time beating the game, and all you get was a "Congratulations, you've just beaten the final boss... The End".