Skewed and Reviewed Preview: Unit 13 for PS Vita

Amara at Skewed and Reviewed writes:
Soon after the launch of the Vita, Zipper Interactive will release their newest title, Unit 13. Amara got a hands on preview of the game and wrote about her experience.

This third person shooter offers the feel of a good console or PC game on in handheld form with sharp attention to tactical and scoring capabilities. The game was made to reward players not only for achievement of objectives but also for quality play such as head shoots, melee kills, and tactical sneaking. If a high score isn’t enough, the game announces player’s scores and achievements to their friends via a live stream at the top of the game.

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teedogg803368d ago

Great score. Sounds great.

badz1493367d ago

good score. I'm looking forward to this

Garethvk3368d ago

I played Uncharted aT CES but they opened it up a lot for us at this one.

NoOoB1013367d ago

sweet..this is the one game i was looking forward to as of now for the vita..getting mine Wednesday and cant wait =D

maverick403367d ago

Just played the demo for this.......awesome stuff

bunfighterii3367d ago

Good score, but that wasn't much of a review...

Garethvk3367d ago

She was only given about 30 minutes with the game at the hands on event.

bunfighterii3367d ago

Hands on impression is probably more accurate then.

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