The Darkness II Review - The Digital Fix

Fans of the 2007 shooter, The Darkness, (and the long-running comic from which it is inspired) will have a fair idea what to expect thematically from its Crow meets Goodfellas gore-fest sequel. Mobster and tortured soul Jackie Estacado returns, grieving for his lost love Jenny, whilst desperately trying to keep his sinister powers in check. This goes reasonably well until a botched hit on Jackie leaves him with no choice but to unleash The Darkness - an other-wordly parasite which has possessed him since his 21st birthday. For the yet uninitiated, this parasite is both a blessing and a curse for Estacado, providing him with a host of abilities (including the use of two giant demonic tentacles), but also quite literally leading him on a harrowing journey to Hell and back. Now that Jackie has unleashed The Darkness once again, he soon learns that a mysterious stranger intends to violently relieve him of his powers.

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