NGB: MotorStorm RC Review

The likes of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048 and FIFA Football might grab the headlines when it comes to Vita launch titles, but Evolution’s effort is arguably worthy of more praise. It might not push the system to its limits, but it’s an example of the quality Sony’s handheld is capable of producing when it comes to download only titles. Even if it was double the price, the title would be worth every penny. Simple, fun and incredibly addictive, MotorStorm RC is top-down arcade racing at its finest. It’s also the Vita’s first must-own title.

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Gamerita4002d ago

this is great news,download only titles should all be of the highest quality.

MasterCornholio4002d ago

So what happened to the idea that the Vitas launch would be filled with mediocre titles?

Lol anyways I can't wait to download the demo of this game.


NGB4002d ago

It's an incredible title guys, a must buy. Just wait until you get addicted to beating the times of your friends and others around the world.

smashcrashbash4002d ago

I was worried at first but I am glad to hear that this is a quality title. Motorstorm is one of my favorite series and is horribly and criminally underrated

portal_24002d ago

Can't wait to play this tommorrow :) I hope there are more titles like this coming (small price, addictive, quality).